What to link in reports?

I saw in a thread with a request for activators to link to the summits database. Which bit are people interested in? Should it be the people worked or the overview? Will the link work if the person following is not logged into the database?

Thanks for any advice as to what is required.

Dave (G0DJA)

I’m not really sure what you’re asking Dave. Can you post a link to the thread you refer to?

Due to the way SOTA evolved, we have a number of separate web sites most of which need some kind of log in to use effectively. None of them are linked. This means you may have to log in to 3 separate systems. These are the SOTA database (http://www.sotadata.org.uk), SOTAwatch (http://www.sotawatch.org) and SOTA Reflector (http://www.reflector.sota.org.uk).

One you are logged in to SOTAwatch or SOTA Reflector, you stay logged in until you log out or you clear your cookies. The database will log you out after 10mins of inactivity. SOTAwatch will let you do everything except spot and alert if you are not logged in. You can customise to a small degree how data is displayed when you log in. The SOTA Reflector also allows you to read the threads without being logged in. You cannot post or use the private mail feature if you are not logged in. You also get a hovering bar telling you to log in. When you log in, the software knows who you are and what you have read etc.

The summit info feature of SOTAwatch allows comments about summits to be made, such as a good route or parking info or to post links to other resources. To post these you must be logged in but you do not need to be logged in to read them or follow the links.

What to post in the summit info is down to the activator. Post relevant stuff and if there is a lot of info or pictures, then it’s probably easier to put the info and pictures on your own resource (such as a blog site) and post a link to that. The downside to linking to other sites is bitrot. That happens when the linked site is no longer available or the links change. The poster needs to go back and refresh things in that case. There is a limit to how much can be posted on the summit info pages too. So there is no correct answer, just use your skill and judgement to do what you think is best.

I think it was this one Can activators please add links to activation reports into the summit information pages but I also think I saw a reminder from MM0FMF in a more recent thread, which I can’t find at the moment.

I think I probably had got the message the wrong way round and what was being asked for was a link on here to any new activation reports made on the database but not posted on here?

I’m my case I’d done it the other way round. Posted on here but not necessarily added an activity report to the database.

I’ll do a cut and paste and will add the report to the database. I’ve already uploaded the contact details and increased my activator score by 33% to a new high of 4. :wink:

Hi Dave,

What I was requesting was for a link to be put in the summit information page - for example here is Guardilama EA8/LA-004’s page - http://sotawatch.org/summits.php?summit=EA8/LA-004 at present there is no extra information under the Add new external link option - if James M0JCQ (who is currently activating this summit) was to write a report on his activation of this summit and posted it here on the reflector-activation reports section - such as the text at EA8 SOTA DXPedition - #25 by DD5LP it would be nice if he added a link to the report he wrote on the reflector into the summits page.
In that way someone considering activating that summit in the future has easy access to background information that may help. For those of us who have our own blog sites, we can add a link to the article on our blog site - I do this for every summit I activate.

I hope this clarifies what I was requesting. Since an activator has taken the time to write a report on this reflector, adding the link to the summits page ensures it will be found by future activators.


Can I ask people use the word database with consideration. Normally the context is sufficient to know if database means the “sota database website” or something else. It would probably help newer users if people reserved the word database for the actual database website only. In the case we are referring to ( http://sotawatch.org/summits.php?summit=EA8/LA-004 ) the page is on SOTAwatch. The term “summit database page” means SOTA Database which is similar but different.

Pretty please.

That was why I was getting confused as well. Which is why I wanted to know what link to what database was being asked for in reports.

I’m sure I’ll get the hang of what is required as I go along.

And more useful still, is to upload a GPX track log to the SMP!
It also allows a short space for free text description.
It’s my first port of call when planning a new summit.


Removed Summit “database” in my response and replaced it with Summit Information page.