What name of Mt. is right?

On Sept. 11. I activated the F/AB-334. In database the name is Pte.de Nant Golon with alt. 2090 and the selfprinted map and the sign on top of Mt. say Pte.D´ANGOLON with an alt.of 2084m.

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Hello Hans,

I hope you enjoyed you holidays in Samoens or Les Gets !
Now abt AB-334, the IGN map gives ‘Pointe d’ANGOLON’, alt 3090m, and if you search ‘Pointe de Nant Golon’ on Google you will find the same summit…

I suppose Nant Golon is Angolon old’s name. In this region a ‘Nant’ is a small stream.
But the key is to have activated AB-334

73 Alain F6ENO

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thanks Alain for info,
73 Hans DL6UHA