What morse paddle?

What morse paddle do you use when you go activating?

I find that the paddle I use at home is too big, too heavy too delicate for /p operation.

Thank you


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I use a palm paddle Peter. They are superb for /p work, lightweight, comes with an adjustment key built into the base and the paddles retract into its case for safe transport. In my opinion not a lot to beat it.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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I use a Palm Mini Paddle Palm Radio

73 de Les, G3VQO

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When I confront my demons face to face and attempt some Morse I use the Palm Paddle. Small, lightweight, reliable, well made and the company is run by some really nice guys. I bought mine direct at their stall at last year’s Friedrichshafen rally or look here http://www.palm-radio.de/


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When operating /A from Cornwall I also use the Palm Paddle, small and lightweight enough to travel by air it has the added bonus of having a magnetic base which sticks like glue to the top of the rig.


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Mini palm for me too…

Alain F6ENO

using only PALM PADDLE !

good stuff and the best for portable operating.have mine since 3 years
without any fault

vy 73 Klaus

using only PALM PADDLE !

73, Mario

Mini Palm Paddle (MPP-817) here too. Great piece of kit.


Palm Paddle… after making some adjustments to suit my preferences…but that was easy.

Magnetic base is great.

73 Marc F/G0AZS

Many thanks for all the info, everyone. Interesting links.

Within 5 minutes after sending my e-mail I got a reply from Hannes DL9SCO.

And the palm mini paddle MP-817 with magnetic base has been ordered !!

Ideal for a candle light pick-nick with matching antenna, transceiver and cookies…



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I reckon the palm paddle is quite the activators favourite judging by this thread Peter, you will love it, have fun.


Thanks Mike, it think this was indeed a unanimous decision.

Life can be so easy :o)


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Just posted on Flika some pictures of the key I always use /p

Materials used
Piece of plastic window sill
Piece of copper clad board
Two micro switches
Piece of junior hacksaw blade
Trouser belt
A few nuts and bolts

About 2 hours to build
Weight negligible
Value Zero (You can loose it on a hill;-))

All in the best ham spirit

I am known to be a disaster at DIY, Rob, that’s why I bought the ready made thing :o).

Look at this chap, though. The article written in dutch, but you only need to look at the pictures to see what an artist this is.




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Peter, MP817 also here …

Jure S57XX

I think I made the right choice, Jure


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Beautiful work Peter, the worst thing about retiring is leaving all the good tools behind:-(

The creation of the paddles is purely to test his mechanical skills. He also doesn’t like deadlines, but wants to put his heart into his creations.

I personnally find the “tapper key” a smart design.

He doesn’t use springs, but magnets in his work.

That’s about the most important things mentioned in the article.


I am very happy with my Palm Mini Paddle!