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What Makes a Good CW Callsign?

A CW palindrome. :slight_smile:


Hi Eric,

Some of the special event callsigns I’ve used have been fairly long and repetitive. Eg. Vi100ACT for the centenary of the small territory (Australian Capital Territory) that is VK1, or Vk100ANZAC in 2014, a military related centenary. But the most inconvenient was VI100GM in 1996. Having to send that long callsign with a hand key so many times… this was of course well before the advent of digital modes like JT65 and almost all EME contacts were made with hand sent and head copied CW. Jan DL9KR had such a good signal, my brother Chris VK1DO worked him on CW then they switched over to SSB and had an easy SSB contact. (Jan’s wire arrays with open wire feedlines are legendary. His ex tv transmitter is also legendary… )

I was just checking the dates for the VI100GM operation and found a 432 EME newsletter, which had some comments about a then recent antenna problem experienced by Jorge EA2LU. Yes, our well known SOTA friend!

It’s risky doing web searches, you find unexpected treasure that leads you astray…

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Hi Guru,

Your call is always very good readible, same as LZ2AF - similar to yours :wink:

When I got my callsign it was difficult time in our country, good callsings were very limited, I had a bit of luck to change from SQ9PPO to SP9MA.

I am very happy to have it :wink:

73, Jarek


Hi Andrew,
Our friend Jorge @EA2LU was making EME contacts with an impressive antennae array he had (16 x 16 elements IIRC) when I was on my very first steps in the 80’s with my beginner’s licence on 10m band with an openned up CB transceiver.
That’s why we call him “THE BOSS” :wink:




I think I should be happy with my callsign HB9 DIZ. My former VHF callsign HB9 SRG would not have been bad, either. But still have to brush up my CW proficiency first after retirement . . .

73, Markus

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A call sign ending “TU” is not optimal, that’s true. But it isn’t that bad. It’s short and only sometimes the “U” turns into an “A” or a “V”.
In a pile up “TU” sticks out clearly because it’s well known. The trouble begins if the DX-operator/ activator only picked up those last two letters. There is no use asking for “TU” Everyone in the pile up will take this as an invitation to call again.
Some operators may guess a number in such a case (or use the SCP) and as there are not so many “TUs” around, I risk an answer also to slightly different call signs, such as “2TU ?” and “4TU ?” :wink:

73, Roman - 3TU


For sure a good hint… also from own experience… dh5st :slight_smile:
As well parts of the callsign shouldn’t combine to another sign e.g. S + T = danger to be read as V…

Good luck in finding the most suitable callsign!


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You can at least take pride in having a palindrome.

A sort of extended X.

dash-12 dots-dash

But part of me still regrets not taking M0MOO. :slight_smile:

Hi John, congratulations on getting the last exam. in my case I had no choice as I would like to have been given “EA” instead of “EC”, but once I get used to the sound in CW, I find my callsign pleasant and I am very happy with it, so maybe when you starting to use it maybe you find it pleasant too.
PS. but if you can choose your callsing it will be much better. :wink:
72. Manu.