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Today we (XYL & I) climbed and activated Scafell Pike LD001, multiple objectives achieved:
A great day out in the lakes, on the hills enoying great scenery and views
A climb to the top of Scafell Pike the highest summit in England
A 10 point SOTA activation on my hand held vhf Tx/Rx (5W) with half wave whip
Short, friendly exchanges with 12 chasers half of whom were old SOTA friends

With my limited kit, I’m sure that many chasers were denied a QSO Opportunity - just as I didnt get a QSO from the many chasers who had better things to do than to be listening out at 1330 UTC today (Sun 27 Jul) - but who cares, getting QSOs is matter of happenstance, coincidence, luck and sometimes prior planning.

No apologies are required from the chasers who were elsewhere and none is offered to those who couldn’t pick up my small radiated signal. My equipment is whatever I choose to buy and use - then I make the most of it for my own and others enjoyment.

Being able to enjoy two of my major enthusiasms at the same time is a great thing - long may it continue in an atmosphere of supportive friendliness and technical discourse.

Chris (M0TES)

In reply to M0TES:

Congratulations Chris on your activation of Scafell Pike and for pointing out that that the whole thing is about enjoying yourself.

It was good to work you on the summit and I must say that with the signals received in this QTH I am surprised you only got 12 in the log, but the fine weather meant a lot of chasers were out doing other things, including quite a few activations. There also happened to be at least four other activations in progress on other modes/bands at the time so chaser attention was divided.

Personally I will spend from one to three hours (four has been known)on a summit if the weather is okay and work every band I can get a contact on. I like to take a 100w rig, linked dipole, 2m beam and between 1 and 3 7aH SLA, plus the hand held 23cms rig. We do what we want to do and we all do it differently. If there was only one rule in my book it would be “Do it your own way and enjoy yourself”.

Where next? Have you done the other two 001s?

Good luck Steve GW7AAV 73

In reply to M0TES:
Well said Chris - glad you enjoyed the walk and the operating.

In reply to M0TES:
Chris, glad you had a good time, though I often think its a pity Sca Fell isn’t the higher mountain, its much more interesting!

I don’t want your post to reopen a controversy that I hope is behind us, so just a reminder to people, keep it courteous and temperate! The big, bad Moderator has his eyes on you…


Brian G8ADD