What I use for portable work amongst other radios

Xiegu x5105,



Does it help?

(The Irn Bru I mean :stuck_out_tongue:)

Yeah of course, though takes a bit of getting used to the new recipe

Helps if theirs a drop of something innit😁

Glad to see that Xiegu have gone back to a clear, monochrome display - the OLED one on my X108G is unreadable in sunlight!

Question - how well does the ATU work in the rig? Will it match a random length, end-fed wire?

73 Ed DD5LP.

Seems to match pretty much anything Ed,
Few guys using random wires on Facebook group, I must try my sotabeams bandspringer on it
I only use resonant half waves, so leave atu off
Screen is great in bright sun, well Scotland Sun;)

I worked the ILLW last weekend with another amateur and he had the Elecraft KX2, that like your X5105 used the monochrome screen and it REALLY makes a difference in the sunlight!

Sounds like the ATU is fine, I guess it’ll be the same circuit in the new Xiegu G90 20w rig, so when that comes out iot could be an interesting rig.

73 Ed.

Screen is excellent, as is the rig, all in one Sota rig
I’m learning how to use the notch filter and the low and high pass filters just now, and Ive just learned how to decode psk31 with the built in modem