What do you take?

At the moment I take my Yaesu FT-857, a 4 element beam for 2 metre work, a diamond RH 770 whip, an 80 metre dipole and a Wouxun KG-UVD1.

What do you take?

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Radio’s are FT-817 or Kenwood 2m hand held (TH-22E), 2m hand held is only used if I am feeling lazy, short for time or its a big walk!

Antennas or I should say antenna system is various wires cut to 1/4 lengths for HF working against a counterpoise…This is on going and probably never ending! I use a Z100 auto ATU especially on the lower bands where a single wire element does not give much bandwidth.

2m and 70cm is a simple dipole made from 2 telescopic aerials that can be used both horizontal or vertical.

The power supply is a 7ah SLAB but this could change in the future as other battery technology becomes cheaper.

RF so far has never been greater than 5w though I do own a small linear for the 817 I have not used it yet from a summit … I learnt CW instead! Sean M0GIA


My wife, under the pretence that it is good for her health. Hey someone has to carry the luggage :o).

Seriously: Icom 703, battery (heaviest item), Fishpole, Rybakov wire antenna, food and drinks, and clothing, just in case.


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main equipment (some items may be left out):

Yaesu FT-857, mic, headphones, straight key
SOTApole: 5 sections (5 metres)
DK7ZB dual band beam (2m 5el + 70cms 8el)
Multiband dipole for 60m, 40m, 30m or monoband dipole for 30m
6m delta loop
Standard C710 2m/70cm/23cm, Quadruple quad for 23cms
Wouxun KG-699E 4m, slim jim for 4m


Standard C520 2m/70cm 5W handheld and whip (FT-817 fitment)


4AH LiPO with 10AH NiMH piggy back packs
(total of 4 available, generally 2 carried)
2.5AH NiMH AA cells for handhelds

ancilliary bits:

first aid kit, survival kit, bothy bag, plastic tarpaulin, copy of licence, LED light, logging items, various cables, spares, various adaptors, digital clock, thermometer, foam pad, camera, mobile phone, compass, water, scoff
(note - soup generally not carried due to weight of flask)

average carry weight of around 12kg, but not yet walked up a summit and not had the means to qualify it.

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Everything that I need except a battery (Sunday’s non-activation of The Cloud).



for hf:

icom ic-703
4.5ah battery

for vhf:

yaesu vx-8 (with gps-microphone for aprs)
telescopic antenna
original battery

maybe in the near future i will change to lipo-batteries and also build a linked dipole for 40,20,10m … 73 de martin, www.oe5reo.at

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Everything that I need except a battery (Sunday’s non-activation of
The Cloud).

Been there, done that. It my case the heavens opened as I was putting on my boots and I decided to go home and read the Sunday papers instead of getting soaked for a hill I’d done twice already. Got home and found the battery still connected to the charger.



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Been there in a slighlty different manner, got to the summit, opened my bag and no coax. Got home to find it on the chair in the shack.

As andy rightly says DOH!!


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My nemesis was Hill of Garvock. Set up to find the patchlead for the HF antenna was missing, and spent nearly two hours scraping up four contacts on 2m.

These days all I need to take is Gerald, he always has two of everything one could ever need on a summit ;))

73 de Paul G4MD

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Hi Karl,

I wont use anything but my Trusty FT897 ( I know its heavy,I am reminded every time I put the bag on my Back Hi Hi) with attached ATU and 20m wire dipole for HF.

I use a 3 Ele SOTAbeam for 2/70 and Wouxun 699 for 4m,with a jimpo

And Im the old fashioned type who still uses SLAB Batteries( I have to torture myself with all this weight on a regular basis Hi Hi )

Good to get you on Moel Gyw last weekend



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Thanks Tony, the 857 is lighter than the 857 but not by much, I’m using a battery pack given to me by a member of my club can’t really describe it really. Will have to post a pick.

I think I’ve worked you from all of my activations apart from the Great Orme, might catch you on Saturday.

Thanks Karl

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Hi Karl,

glad to give you my call in your log, and likewise thanks for the points for my Chaser log.

this saturday will be narrowboat mobile,although Saturday is our wedding anniversary so hopefully will get permission off XYL (Hi Hi) no probs there so will look for your alert and 2m SSB should be OK

good luck and Im glad you enjoying it!!



In reply to M6CSS:
I used to end up taking stuff I don’t use especily the case during the ISW.
Yeasu ft 817 and mh30 mic
x2 4Ah 3s lipo batterys
Sota beam
Sotapole and guying kit
20m dipole
1:1 balun
Elecraft T1 atu
Various coax, connectors and leads
Tupperware storage boxes
Survival bag
First aid kit
3 litres of water/juice
Food for the day
Waterproof clothing

I’ve not actually weighed it, but estimate at 15kgs


In reply to M6CSS:
QRP kit: ATS3, EFHW tuner with attached 1m feedline, wire elements for band(s) of choice, plastic paddle, pad and pen, wristwatch, and 8 AA alkaline cells. Weight 1.2 Kg.
QRO kit: FT897, 12.5AH slab, 25ft coax, 1:1 balun, dipole for band of choice, “fishing pole”- actually a golf ball retriever, and a 137 foot wire and a 4:1 balun to convert dipole to OCF (for directionality). Average weight approx 20 Kg (needs trimming).

Don’t laugh … watch what I took with me on my first activation
look for the pictures at http://pd2pc.blogspot.com/
List of what I took with me than: Car battery 70A (yes this is correct seventy Amps), YAESU FT-757, multiband dipole, 12.5m DX-wire pole and of course I took my girlfriend and dogs.
This year (blog will follow) I did a better job, took a FT-817, multiband dipole, DX-wire pole 12.5m and two 5A LiPo’s, conditions were not so good, but I still got enaugh points for the two activations DM/HE-088 and DM/HE-268. Oh almost forgot also took my girlfriend and my sister and our 2 dogs … just for the company … HI
SOTA and QRP are FUN !!!
73 PD2PC Patrick

In reply to PD2PC:
* FT-817ND with mic and headphones
* Elecraft T1 ATU with spare battery
* Elecraft BL2 switchable 1:1/4:1 balun
* 88 ft doublet antenna and/or SB270 SOTA beam
* 6m telescope fishing rod
* 7Ah SLAB
* 1 or 2 water bottles
* Foam pad
* Helsport Mountain Tarp (Fjellduk)
* Rite in the rain notepad
* Yaesu VX-6 handheld

73! Mads, LA1TPA

Radio control (Anthorn 60kHz) clock
Mini Palm Paddle

One antenna - choice of either SB3 (2m), SB6 (70cm), 6m delta loop, Magic Moggy 20m vertical, 80m dipole, 40 dipole or 30m dipole, coax feeder if needed


Guying ring and strings
3 tent pegs
4 reusable cable ties
Logbook (Rite in the Rain waterproof)

Berghaus jacket
Fleece hat

1.5 litre water in bladder (hydration pack)
Flask of hot soup (1 litre)
Bothy bag
Foam pad (seat)

Digital camera
Mobile phone


In reply to M6CSS:
Given suitable clothing and footwear and a pad to sit on, my priorities are sandwiches, a bottle of water, and a pair of lightweight binoculars, followed by the things on my radio gear checklist. Then I can just enjoy the day without it being ruined if the SOTA thing doesn’t work out for some reason.

As Wes Hayward W7ZOI said, “Should he compromise his hiking or climbing goal in order to get on the air, or should he pursue his primary goal? In this age dominated by high technology, the answer is obvious. Climb the mountain!”

Yes, I have an FT-817, but my little SW40+ weighing 300 grams, running 2 Watts, with just two knobs to twiddle, is definitely my favourite bit of kit.


Just a few items
-FT 817 ND
-VX8R (sometimes a Arrow Antenna) APRS N3LJS-15
-Palm Paddle.
-Buddipole coil, Shock Whip, Shock Mast, Versa T. or a Par Electronic EF 10-20- 40 antenna Elecraft T1 tunner.
-2 Hombrew A123 batteries 2.3Ah
-Trail Mix and water.
-Hiking stick
-Cell phone
-Bear Pepper Spray (Had it ready a few times)
-Bear bell
-Video camera
-misc items like rope, coaxial cable, and other stuff I never use.

My backpack is full and gets heavy on the trail.

Western Maryland