What Are Your SOTA Goals For 2023?

I will kick off with my goals for 2023!

  1. Total of 10k, S2S points
  2. Full License
  3. Activate 10 unactivated peaks… that’s why I need a full license.

1, should be easy. 2, harder. 3, challenging!

Best of luck with your goals!
73 Martin


Hi Martin,

Can I put my SOTA chaser goals for 2023? :wink:

73, Éric


In 2022, I was incredibly active with almost 300 activations… it was the first year after retirement… I doubt I’ll repeat that.
I exceeded many of my goals with that…

Still, there are some longer projects I’d like to get ahead on:

  1. complete the HB9 lowland summits.
  2. complete the summits of DM/BW
  3. 500 Uniques as activator

What I plan to do in any case:

Finally activate summits in regions I don’t know yet. I don’t dare to write it… but I have never been to DL/… to activate a summit.
Somehow my focus has always been on the north, south and west… I want to go to the East: DL/…, OE/…, DM/BM…, OK/… maybe even OM/…, SP/… sooo many ideas.
My son recently moved from the southwest corner of Germany to Berlin for work. I’m planning to travel there for 2-3 weeks to visit him… and to activate summits from the regions mentioned above.

And if it happens, I always like to activate a summit for the first time.

73 Armin


Of course! All goals!


Just give us your wish list…

73 Armin

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So many variables in my situation going forward that I’m not really sure what goals are achievable or even worth setting.

4000 activations, and 4000 activator points look just about in sight, but could be 2024 before I hit them, rather than 2023.

I need to better challenge @G4TQE and @2E0BIA in the G S2S Honour Roll.

I will continue my niche obsession of undertaking a SOTA activation whenever en route to a gig or a football match.

On the wish-list is to:

  • Complete activating all LX.
  • Continue activating unique summits in ON, EI and GM.
  • Make a start on activating summits in DM and FL.

Finally - I really need to bring my website up-to-date again. It’s getting on for being a year out-of-date - and I’ve done a LOT of activations in 2022!


My main focus will once again be on activator points as I slowly work towards MG. So far this year I’ve managed 235 points to get to a total of 363. I’ll be happy if I manage the same in 2023. Even better would be a couple more to get to a round 600.

I’ll make more of an effort to seek out S2S. I’ve managed 933 S2S points this year so I’ll try to get 1000 next year. I’m the top in the All G CW S2S table for 2022 with 787 points so I shall try to do the same next year, and perhaps get 1000 CW S2S points. This assumes that you don’t start doing CW activations Martin!

I also plan to build at least one more homebrew rig for SOTA - I am working on one at the moment. For antennas I could do with some form of vertical for 17m or perhaps add a link to my EFHW.

Finally, I’d like to work more DX from summits. This year I managed VK and ZL on 20m and LU on 10m. Hopefully with more sunspots 10m and 12m will be fruitful next year. An S2S with W or VE still eludes me.


Long list Armin :crazy_face:

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Activate in GM as much as possible to hopefully crack 500 uniques early in the year.

3rd MG beckons.

After that… it’s just to enjoy life… with radio thrown in.


Silly American question…. Why do you need a full license for this? I’m guessing CEPT out of UK but not sure.


Only the UK full licence is CEPT Class 1 and can be used in other countries. The UK has not yet ratified other CEPT agreements that allow the lesser licences to be used abroad. However, some countries will allow non-full licences but it is sparse and depends on where you are going and you need to write and get confirmation etc. up front. Easiest way is to have a full licence.


What Andy says above. You are right, I am currently in Spain with unactivated peaks close by! I did ask for permission but Spain follows CEPT regulations.

Yesterday I was on a peak, with only one acivation and not able to use a radio! It is like being in a sweet shop and not being able to eat anything!



There are 23 unactivated peaks in GM so you don’t need a full licence although you might need sailing and/or climbing skills.

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I have plans for a couple of those GM ones myself in the Spring…

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My goal is to just go out as much as I can and activate whatever/whenever.
I don’t keep scores here, it is all about getting out and operating.
I will never make MG and really don’t care about it.
I march to my own drummer.
That has always been my goal in whatever I do.
Happy Hiolidys and here is hoping you exceed YOUR goals in the next year.


Thanks gents, that’s what I was thinking the issue was. I know that US generals can use some lesser privileges in certain countries. I upgraded to extra for 2 reasons: 1. When FCC announced new fees a lot of people said upgrades would be in those fees. 2. I hope to travel and play radio, and would rather not get less privileges.

As for getting back on topic: SOTA goals I don’t really have any, I moved to a new QTH in June and haven’t decided if I’m making a home station here. Although I’m slightly closer to some summits here in Virginia it’s still 4 hours away. I do hope to do some SOTA while attempting to finishing all POTA references in Virginia.


This year seven S2S pts to get the 6600 total for 2022 and 14057 all years.
Next year 5943 more :wink:

73 Chris


Taking from it a good balance to work and taking quality time out of it.

No numbers goals or similar stuff - life is hard enough without such, hi.

73, Markus


I need to visit at least 46 summits in 2023 in order to stay on track to 2XMG by 2025.
I have permission for 3 un activated summits in 2023 I run out of time to get to them this year. I am giving a SOTA talk at a bigger radio club in February and will make the offer there to take anyone who would like to come activating with me to come along. Only 6 activators in vk5 did SOTA in 2022. I am hoping if I can give accommodation to any of my fellow first time activators then drive them to some closer summits to my QTH will get these city folks out on a hill. My main concern is to be able to afford the price of fuel and I need to travel 8,800 km to get around my summit list each year. I have had $3000 worth of maintenance to my SOTA transporter this month with new wheel bearings and diff, transfer case and gearbox oils changed, EGR cleaned out to help fuel economy etc. New tyres were put on in 2021 so they should be good and I remain ever hopeful the land owners will grant access permission to my summit list again in 2023. Looking forward to the Calendar roll over and the New Years Day SOTA party in VK this year to kick of my 11th year of this obsession.
Good luck everyone, Seasons greeting.
Ian vk5cz.


No specific goals for 2023 other than to keep getting out and activating summits. My goal for 2022 is to hit 500 activator points, for which I’m 12pts shy at the moment. I’ll probably knock that out in the last week of the year unless the weather doesn’t cooperate (been the issue a lot lately). My longer-term goal is to hit MG status by the close of 2024, so I need at least 250pts per year. Challenging, but doable.

Not necessarily SOTA-specific, but I do want to get upgraded to Extra so I can do a SOTA activation on my next trip to the UK, but that trip isn’t planned yet (pre-covid and pre-awareness-of-SOTA, I was over there 2x yearly for work).