What are these?

Did Kinder Scout G/SP-001 this morning on my way to Doncaster Racecourse for tonight’s Christmas Live gig.

Walked my favourite route - from Rushup Edge following the byway then flagstone path to Brown Knoll, before turning right and dropping to join the Pennine Way for the final approach.

Just four QSOs on my 2m FM handheld. One of these was Anne 2E0LMD who passed through 3000 chaser points as a result of our contact. Congratulations Anne and thanks for your continuing support for us VHF activators.

On the descent, between Brown Knoll and Rushup Edge, I spotted several of these. Anyone know what they are?

It looks like one of these, a “Yellow Plastic Top for Ground Grip Markers”.


From mpsurvey.co.uk


Surveyors ground marker for sure.
Maybe for path reconstruction ?


Markers for the new Transpennine Railway.



Those are markers for the new gas pipeline ! North stream 3 or 4 …


They mark change points for a levelling survey, easy to return to.

Aw, I much prefer the new transpennine railway route theory. If it was, then no doubt the plastic would be fully bio degradable within 6 months leaving not a trace!

Gone dark again, I hate this time of year


Exactly David. I’m planning a 5 mile circular walk near Eyam during the Christmas holiday but she has a habit of getting up about 10am and leaving the house by midday. I keep reminding her that we’ll need to bring our times significantly forward!

Nights are pulling out again, starting with an extra minute last night.


It’s that wonderous time of year when the sun set later but it gets light later so the days are still shrinking!

Edinburgh December 2019

Date sunrise sunset daylength change
16 08:38 15:38 6:59:52 −0:50
17 08:39 15:38 6:59:09 −0:42
18 08:39 15:38 6:58:35 −0:34
19 08:40 15:38 6:58:08 −0:26
20 08:41 15:39 6:57:50 −0:18
21 08:41 15:39 6:57:41 −0:09
22 08:42 15:40 6:57:39 −0:01
23 08:42 15:40 6:57:46 +0:06
24 08:43 15:41 6:58:01 +0:15
25 08:43 15:41 6:58:25 +0:23
26 08:43 15:42 6:58:57 +0:31

Maybe echolocation transponders from the Vogon demolition fleet’s building of the new hyperspace expressway?

Sorry, just watched “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

Mike, N4VBV

That’ll be why the mice are getting restless, then…

That’s it then, it’s not just markers for any old transpennine railway, this is a going to be super hyperspace expressway built by 42 white mice.
And yes, yet again it’s going dark, bring on 80m.


Or the Vogon fleet has arrived to darken the sky!

It’s under a minute here, so I guess I’m too far south. I expect the difference is hidden in the rounding, giving me this even balance:

Times for Dursley…

Friday Today Tomorrow
Sunrise 08:13 08:13 UTC
Sunset 16:00 16:00 UTC

“That’ll be why the mice are getting restless, then…”

TIme to start reciting bad poetry.

What amazed me recently was the fact that the earliest sunset in Miami is at the beginning of December and latest sunrise appears to be around 13th January.

They look like doo-hickeys, or possibly thingamabobs. I think Sasquatch leaves them behind so his mate can find him in the rain.

This is caused by the eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit around the sun and the inclination of its polar axis.

PS Look up the “Equation of Time”.

One of the first programs I wrote was to solve the Equation of Time so that you knew how to correct the time shown on a sundial to actual time. I was 18 at that time. The stupidity of needing a computer to tell you how many minutes to add/subtract to something as “simple” as a sundial was not lost on me.

It was for a Texas Instruments TI59 programmable calculator that used magnetic cards to save programs. I still have the calculator some 40 odd years later and it still works. The NiCds died and were replaced years ago. However, like lots of old magnetic media, atmospheric moisture and oxygen has reacted with the iron oxides on the cards used to save the data. They have lost their ability to hold data and so this valuable library of early software written by a spotty youth has been lost from the accumulated knowledge of mankind!