What am I missing?

I’ve been doing some log housekeeping and have tried to add a couple of chaser contacts with HB9BIN from last March.
The summit, or even the VL association, however does not seem to exist, yet it shows the contacts in SOTAWATCH2
Where has F/VL gone?

Perhaps the thread about all the F association changes is what you need?

Can you also post the link you followed to get that display Peter?

Well, yes it helps a bit :slight_smile:
This came about because I exported my logbook which then failed to directly import to the database because of the reference errors.
Now my log says I worked F/VL-045 and F/VL051, not FL/VL-xxx.

I thought that even though the F/VL summits no longer exist, you should still be able to record activity during the period they were active?
It seems however that you can’t do that, as although the summits above were valid at the time of Juerg’s activation, you can no longer record that you chased him.
I have not worked any of the FL summits… :neutral_face:

Isn’t it, for example, possible to log a qso on G/WB-001 between 02-Mar-02 and 31-Dec-07 rather than log it as GW/SW-041 which at that time didn’t exist?

I use
Hiking in the mountains: tips for beginner hikers - Mountain Day, to find summit details :slight_smile:
e.g. Hiking in the mountains: tips for beginner hikers - Mountain Day

Use the preferred search features such as SOTA Database to find summits (entering a partial name or ref works) rather than bookmarking discrete links. You should get a 404 for those old links but changing the code is fraught with issues, so it has been left as it is. Not really the best situation but it’s what we have.

It’s up to you whether you accept we renamed the association. The summit partial ref. VL-045 has not changed. This is different to the WB-001 case where the summit moved far enough that it’s a new summit IIRC and hence a new complete ref. i.e. it changed from G/WB-001 to GW/SW-041.

If you feel it’s not pure or outwith the spirit of SOTA because you exchanged a different ref., then I can understand that. In which case don’t submit the QSO. If you had already entered these QSOs as F/VL-045 etc. then they would now be showing as FL/VL-045.