What a weekend!

Ok, I just started to chase for SOTA points and will hopefully hand out some points in the future too. But this Saturday was just fantastic!
Well, I switched on the PC on Saturday morning and had a look on the SOTAwatch page. DL5WW/P was active and I could easily work him. I just left the computer on, while working in the house and the garden during the day.
Whenever I walked by the computer in the living room, I had a quick look and listen and worked the stations, which were active.

Last SOTA news:
"…, and there were some days when in excess of 70 chaser points were available. However, there is usually a seasonal drop in activations during the second half of March,…"

Well, from 9 to 72 points in a day! All with 5 watts into an inverted-L. Long live CW… And I didn’t even catch all activations.

In reply to MM0DWF:
Welcome to SOTA, Lars.
Be forewarned, it is an addictive persuit!
I think there are quite a few summits around Husvik that could qualify for SOTA, but you will have to set up your own Association for VP8 first, hi! Anyway, glad you are safely back in the UK. Many thanks for the RTTY contact with South Georgia. Needless to say it was a new DXCC on RTTY; no 235!
Hope to hear you from some of the GM summits before you head off on your next more exotic expedition somewhere.
73 de Ken

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Welcome to SOTA Lars and good luck with SOTA chasing.

Most European SOTA activators favour CW only, because of the tremendous advantage in readability this affords, allowing the use of lightweight low power equipment.

Due to the improvement in weather conditions across Europe, last weekend was the first time this year that there were in excess of 100 points available for CW chasers on the Saturday, and about 50 more on the Sunday.

I would expect this to become normal at weekends.

Good chasing

SOTA News Editor

In reply to GM0AXY:
Will be back in VP8 in October. mmhhh… I climbed a couple of mountains there, but I won’t get far with QRP. And the pile-up from the house is bad enough! hi

It is addictive! Every now and again I click on the SOTA bookmark here at work, just to see what I miss. And the little QRP station for work is in planning too! Then I can run outside to the beach and set up my seawater enhanced SOTA chaser station.

Will try to activate some of the hills here in Fife soon. So I will hear you soon.

In reply to G4SSH:
Arg… Don’t tell me I missed my first award this weekend!

I think, this is fantastic! I didn’t believe this number of activations and the kindness in the CW pile ups. And this is not a joke! I think, everybody knows that most SOTA stations are running QRP and as it is all simplex, people really stop sending and are listening. And very often it is more than just a ‘tu 5nn’. Even if it is just a 73, merci, awdh or a name. I really enjoy that.

73 Lars