What a great SOTA day!

What a great SOTA day!!! - i worked 26 different stations on 34 summits today : Many thanks to DF3MC, DJ2MX, DK2JK, DL/PA3FYG, DL1DLF, DL6UNF, DL6WT, EA/F5UKL, F5UKL, F6GCT, GM4DDL, HA4FY, HB/F4CMC, HB9AFI, HB9AFH, HB9AGO, HB9BHW, OE/DF2DR, OE2SNL, OE7HPI, OE7PHI, OK1AU, OK1DIG, OK1DMP, OK1FUu, SM6BGG !!
73 de Ben DL2DXA

An excellent catch; more in one day than I’ve managed in the last month!

73, Rick M0LEP (who really needs to figure out how to get anywhere with CW…)