WG0AT summit confusion

Hi all…I’m noticing spots and log enteries showing Steve WG0AT/P on a W2 summit. His aprs shows him in CO on W0/FR-063 Mount Herman. I believe the W2 summit was spotted because the spot program will not allow a W0 summit entry…at least I couldn’t get it to go through! You may want to confirm your log entries!!!..or am I wrong???


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Hi Mike,

I have not heard or worked Steve, but as there are still some issues with the link between the SOTA database & Sotawatch, it may be that he has been spotted in the way you describe.

Chasers should not depend entirely on the spots on Sotawatch for the summit reference,& should preferably read the reference as given by the activator over the air. In cases where there may be confusion, or an erroneous reference has been given by the activator, a post on this reflector with the correct information can be very helpful.

Thanks for the update & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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My fault … I was trying to spot Steve and as W0 is not listed on sotawatch website yet… I stuck something else in and put the correct summit info in the comment line … everyone missed that part. :frowning: I realised the confusion it would cause and removed the post… but it was too late there was already other posts…

I’ll take my 50 lashes and move on.


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Hi Andrew…I figured thats what was going on…I tried to spot Steve and the W0 summit would not go through. I started the new Reflector topic because I noticed at least one chaser had put the W2 summit in his log…hope they see this and correct their logs! Like I just told Tom…I didn’t think Rooster or Peanut had convinced Steve to buy them a first class airline ticket to W2 land this morning! Hi Hi