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Just back from P.O. with latest copy of QST. Fantastic photo of Steve, WG0AT is entire cover! Photo by Frank, K0JQZ. Can Lynn be far away?
Sweet !!!

That old Goat Steve is becoming quite popular with QST magazine. Great advertisement for the SOTA program and always glad to see people I know show up in print in a very positive way. Thanks to Frank K0JQZ for taking a cover quality photo. That’s not always an easy thing to do.

Gary A. - W0MNA


It’s all Bob/K0NR’s fault for writing the article on p.59 …he asked me if I had any pics. A silly question …me take pics?? So I sent him a link to my Flickr albums and boom I’m on another QST cover! Yikes thats twice this year! It was a stellar day with Pikes Peak in background …hard not to get some great pics.