We're going down Blackpool

…but not to see the lights (or for a pint or a fight) for connoisseurs of a certain trio from Macclesfield.

Jimmy and I are presenting our SOTA Talk and presentation at the TCARS - Thornton Cleveleys - club this evening. It’s all stuff most of you on here already know of course, but it might be interesting for those newer into SOTA.

I think the talk will start at 8pm, and is at Frank Townend Centre, Kensington Road, Cleveleys. The evening will comprise a Powerpoint presentation, audio, video, equipment displays and demonstrations, a presentation of SOTA photographs and articles and a question-and-answer session.

73, Tom M1EYP & Jimmy M3EYP

Good turnout - around 30 - at TCARS tonight. Nice to see some SOTA activators and chasers there too - M0JFE, 2E0EDX, 2E0OCC, 2E0OYG.

If you know of any other clubs that want my main SOTA talk, or other talks on Pennine Way, GI SOTA or Offshore “Pirate” Radio, get them to contact me via tommyread at hotmail dot com.

Cheers, Tom