Welsh Border 5

Hi all and a HNY to all,
I plan to activate the Welsh Borders Five on the 2nd January. Brown Clee first followed by Titterston, Corndon, Stiperstones and finally Pole Bank.
These will all be on 2M. FM so I can get around the 5 in the day.
If any local operators want to join me in bagging 25 points please let me know. I plan to be parked at Brown Clee by 8 am.
I hope all operators and SWL’s have a great New Year.

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The day went well and managed to get all 5 summits activated before 14:30. A report will be posted to my blog ASAP.
Here are a few photos of the day.

Thanks to all of the chasers and the 2 S2S’s from M1EYP (Tom) and 2E0OVW (Gillian)
73 and a HNY


Well done Paul. Thanks for the only one I could hear you on…G/WB not easy for me. It rained all day here so be thankful that you had a reasonable day.

73 …catch you again soon.