Well done - M3VXX

I have been informed that Tristan (M3VXX) passed the Intermediate Examination last Tuesday and so should have a new callsign very soon.

Well done Tristan.


Yes, Well Done Tristain All That Time as an M3 and now a 2E0 :stuck_out_tongue:

hope to hear you on the summits as 2e0 soon :slight_smile:

Matt M3WDS

Congratulations Tris, look forward to working you
again soon.

73 Dave G0ELJ

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Well done, Tristan, let us know what your new call is when you get it - and roll on the Advanced!


Brian G8ADD

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Well done indeed Tristan, I look forward to working you with the new callsign very soon, perhaps for an S2S.

Congratulations also to two more regular SOTAteers, Helen M3YHB and Geoff M3SFN, who also sat their intermediate exams with the WRAA last Tuesday and are awaiting their new callsigns.

All the best and 73,

Dave 2E0BYA.

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Congratulations to Helen and Geoff, too. Well done!

Its probably just me, but the 2x0 series still sounds strange and exotic to me!


Brian G8ADD

Congratulations to Tristain, Helen and Geoff. What a lovely Christmas present for you. A big well done to all.


Well Done to Helen and Geoff Also :slight_smile:

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SOTAteer… I like that. Thanks to all for the congrats.

I logged on to OFCOM this morning and now have the shiny and new callsign of 2E0YHB. I think I may stick to M3YHB for now with SOTA but only because I am 80 points from getting to Shack Sloth :slight_smile:


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Congrats on the Christmas pressie Helen and I’m relieved that you have retained YHB in your new call sign.


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Well done Helen. Merry Christmas.

73 Robert G0PEB


You may edit your user details on the Database, so that the honour rolls show your callsign as 2E0YHB. All your points and logs from M3YHB will remain in your record, and your existing username and password will also stay the same.



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Thanks Stewart, Matt and others

There was a group of us that passed including Helen and Geoff, Conrgats to all who passed anyway :slight_smile:

Im sorry for the late reply i have been away in France! no excuses!

The new call sign will be 2e0vxx

Thanks again for all the comments.

Helen i will change the sota call sign as to keep my current points etc.

Hope to work you all again soon, i should be out and about after xsmas in the vhf contests.

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Congratulations on the new call, more power and more privilages and another exam passed! Sean M0GIA