Well done M0JLA & M6BWA

Congratulations Rod and Viki on recently activating the remaining summits to finish all of the GI summits. As far as I am aware only 5 people have previously reached this milestone.

Well done, great achievement !

73 Victor GI4ONL


Congratulations Rod and Viki on activating all the SOTA summits in GI.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations both. Thanks for all the summits and s2s over the last few weeks Rod…sorry Viki, did listen but too many hills between us :frowning:

73 Allan

Congratulations Viki & Rod!

All the best,

Many congratulations Viki and Rod. Where next I wonder?

73, Gerald

Well done Viki & Rod. A great achievement !

Best Wishes
Dave G3TQQ

Congratulations. Job Well Done!!!
de John Paul // AB4PP

Well done Rod and Viki. Activating all of of GI is still on my bucket list but it is likely to need several more trips to do given how spread out the summits we have left.

Congratulations to you both for a considerable achievement :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD

Welcome to our exclusive club! Congratulations both, and if you had even half as good a time activating all GI as HGY and myself, then you’ve had a ball! Well done!

Congrats to Viki and Rod, you guys are awesome! Just a shame with GI that I didn’t get to hear Viki’s BBC perfect voice (and wicked sense of humour!)

Tried to work you Rod on as many summits as I could manage in my lunch hours.

Cheers, Mark. M0NOM

Many thanks for the congratulations and many more for the contacts that made it possible. Very much appreciated. No time for more at present - still in a dreadful post-trip mess and visitors arriving on Friday so further comments may be a bit slow.
Hope for more contacts before too long.


I am back here a bit sooner than expected as it has been raining and grass cutting is suspended for the time being :slight_smile:

Including the three GM/SS that we began with we did 23 activations including 21 new summits. This gained us 39 activator points and gave me an additional 11 completes. As the main aim of the trip was to finish activating all the GI summits it was very successful and we enjoyed some interesting walking and scenery as well. Enjoyment of the hills varied a great deal and differed very much from our expectations. We ourselves do not entirely agree on this but the dreaded Trostan (AH-001) and Mullaghash (SM-008) turned out to be enjoyable and interesting; even SW-002 was essentially trivial for survivors of Sighty Crag (G/SB-005). This is not quite the case for Slieve Beagh (SW-004).

We have several people to thank very much for their contributions to our trip. First our very warm thanks to Esther and Ian (GI0AZA and GI0AZB). We enjoyed meeting them again and benefited much from their advice as well as from the many contacts that Esther took trouble to make on both 2m and 70cm. (More on this from M6BWA in due course.)

The chasers gave much assistance with spotting and linking up otherwise unheard s2s contacts. Particular thanks to the following;
especially Don for being there (and keeping me up to date with when I would have to do without his help) and Allan for the s2s from G/LD and GW/MW. Extra thanks to Howard and Frank who are fairly new to my log – it was a pleasure to hear them on so many of the hills.

Some more figures:- 80m – 17 QSOs; 60m – 153 QSOs; 40m – 121 QSOs; 2m – 21 QSOs; 70cm – 2 QSOs. I used HF on every summit except Brogher Mt, GI/SW-005, where the weather was poor and we shared 2m and 70cm. Some s2s on other summits were also shared on 2m or 70cm.


I have found several logging errors and will correct and re-submit my logs shortly. Pibble Hill (GM/SS-232) and Gortmonly Hill (GI/SM-024) have incorrect call-signs - G4OBZ; GI3GYB; EA22CKX; EA3CKX.
Now that the Chaser * has gone I am not sure that it matters much but if anyone else has noticed mangled call-signs and would like them altered please let me know.