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Well done G(I)4WSB/P

Congratulations to Bill G4WSB on becoming the first non GI to successfully activate all the GI summits, and only the third person to do so after myself and the other Victor MI0JST.

Thanks for all the summits during your time over here.


Victor GI4ONL


Well done Bill, Congratulations, a great achievement…

In some respects, Bill is #1 to do this. Bill has now activated all 66 of the summits in the original GI ARM - which puts him one ahead of the two Victors who both have 65 GI activator uniques to their name. :wink:

Good effort Bill!

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Congratulations Bill. I’m less than half way there with 31 GI activations. Thanks for all the activations: I’ve only managed to chase you on a few of them but your previous GI expeditions have provided me with some of the chases for the GI completes I’ve got.

Caroline M3ZCB

It could have been you Tom, if as Jimmy says, you weren’t so slow on the hills! :blush:

It’s a good achievement Bill, well done. All of EI next?

I don’t think it will be possible for all EI SOTA summits to be activated Andy. Have a look at the MountainViews reports for An Tiaracht EI/IS-125 http://mountainviews.ie/summit/1037/, you will see from this that this summit looks almost impossible to activate.

Congratulations Bill on activating all the the GI SOTA summits. Me and my dad Tom M1EYP have 7 GI SOTA summits left to activate which are are hoping to do around May/June next year which are:

Sawel Mountain GI/SM-001
Mullaghclogha GI/SM-002
Mullaghaneany GI/SM-003
Carnanelly GI/SM-004
Mullaghmore GI/SM-005
Slieve Gallion GI/SM-007
Mullaghash GI/SM-008

Jimmy M0HGY


So Tom, as previously stated, that means you HAVE NOT activated all the G summits because as far as I know you did not do the ones which have been deleted. I wish you could tell me how it would be possible for me to activate 66 summits when there are only 65. Perhaps I should have started earlier before the deletion or maybe try to get a made in Belfast Delorean and go back to the future and forsee the deletion.

Oh, and you are correct, Bill is the first non GI to achieve this.

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Quite correct Victor. I have activated all the G summits, as indeed you have activated all the GI summits, and indeed were the first to do so. Bill is the first to activate all 66 summits that have ever been valid GI SOTA summits, something that I hope to emulate next year. As you correctly point out, I will never be able to achieve that in G because I came into SOTA after some original G summits were deleted, similar to your situation in GI. I share your frustration!

That’s why the database only considers the current summits when it shows “My Activator Regions”. You have 100% for all the GI regions Victor. You’ve activated them all. You can only get 100% even if you have all the deleted ones in your log as well.

SOTA is similar to the ARRL DXCC Honour Roll I would say…

Phil G4OBK
(No.1 Honour Roll, but missed lots of deleted countries before I got my licence - still No.1 honour roll though)

PS Who will be the first SOTA Completer of GI I wonder? (Remember SOTA is not inherently competetive… haha!)

Well done on activating GI, Bill and thanks for the contacts along the way.
We expect to have another go at them next year but have no ambition to do them all. Chase them all - maybe.


End of day hats off to Bill and and quite a tour of the GI summits he has done in past few days or so.
Many thanks to Bill for this little tour of his, Increasing my Uniques summits chased list as well adding the WAB squares.
Been good fun chasing you on most of them and the 40m giving good conditions to do it under.

Man he gets about does he not :slight_smile:

Where 2 next fella.