Welcome to the Zugspitze DL/WS-001

a quiet secret is how many peaks have a huge amount of activation thanks to the cable car. If you don’t reach your destination on foot, you won’t experience any adventures…sq9not&sq9mdf


Violeta and Leszek

Nice experience, ascent and view. Thanks for next inspiration. Section of mountain on the border Austria and Germany are very beautiful.

73 Michal OM1ALT

someday we will collide at the top…leszek

Good job, and nice video!

I have to admit that I used the cable car at least for the descent. For the ascent, I have used the “shorter” way on the Astrian side, using the “Stopselzieher” via ferrata.

On the picture, you can see the hut “Wiener Neustädter Hütte”, unfortunately already closed on that day.

73 de Robert, DL4ROB


every route that leads to the destination - there was a strong wind from Austria: so a good choice for us, we also took the cable car in heavy rain…leszek