Welcome To The Jungle! Let's drag radio gear up Northland New Zealand's second highest peak for New Years rollover!


Eggshell ant. Not quite jungle but some sort of a challenge. Thanks for the armchair trip.

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Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed that!

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nice work, Chris. sorry I missed you on that one. I got slightly confused and hence delayed by my navigation notes reaching my NYD summit. By the time I got there I only had time for a bunch of 2m FM contacts back into VK1 before 0000 UTC and then took too long to set up the HF antenna and gear to make hf contacts, by which time you were running downhill through the jungle… (Credence Run through the jungle comes to mind here)

I notice you run so fast your hat reverses. That isn’t a good sunburn and skin cancer protection and baseball caps are hopeless anyway as they don’t protect your ears. SOTA shop has some nice brimmed hats that would be a lot more use. Speaking here as someone who had to have a pizza slice taken out of an earlobe 10 years ago, with melanoma in situ. Protect your ears, you will need them for a few years yet!

73 Andrew VK1DA/2UH


Thank you mate!

I couldn’t agree more, hence why I sport the “ninja” look in the mountains with as little exposed skin as possible.

Fortunately I was absolutely coated in the white stuff from head to toe and that run off took me about 15 minutes once I’d gotten out of the bush - I flip the hat around out of habit as I’ve had it blown off a few times particularly when I’m running into a headwind and I’ve lost a few down crags. I used to wear a wide-brimmed hat but again had problems with it getting ragdolled on summits so I moved to the highly fashionable cap + hood approach. I’ve not been burnt all year using that approach, except for one trip where I ended up with mild sunburn on a little sliver of my wrist where my watch meets my cuff.

A lot of shots when I’m talking to camera I take my hood down so that I don’t look like so much of a goon and it goes back up immediately afterwards. A little bit of “TV magic”.

The video for next week should set things right, there’s a pretty magnificent specimen on display there! :wink:

Thank you Andrew!

Your ninja outfit is a classic way to ward off the rayz. Good work. CUAGN.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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Is that the expurgated version?
Pretty sure I sent VK2IO/P. It was an S2S after all.

Well done, Chris!
73, Gerard

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Good to work you from VK6 Chris. Look forward to many more QSO’s.


John VK6NU

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Ah you’re dead right, you’re in my paper log as VK2IO/P

I edited this and the next video on an old laptop at the beach older than dirt barely capable of running solitaire so it’s all a bit rough and ready!

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You did a remarkable job - as usual!

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Truly excellent. A great antidote for SAD… will have to keep watching it. :grinning:

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