Welcome to Gérard, F1ELJ new activator !

It’s done ! Gérard, F1ELJ, made his all first activation on FL/VO-017 Molkenrain. He used his brand new KX2 on SSB ( have to learn CW quickly !! ) . My best wishes to you, Gérard, with plenty of activity.

He leaves in the valley of Thann, near our FL/VO summits. Please, support Gérard as chasers in his new activity and as S2S activators.
Its a great pleasure to welcome him, because we are only 3 “poor lonesome cow-boys” in the South of our Alsacian country …

73’s QRO Gérard from Jean !


Welcome and well done Gèrard,
I hope to contact you on s2s as well as chaser!
Good luck for your next activations

Welcome Gérard

Greetings from the other side of the Rhine.

You have chosen a nice summit for your entry.

Here in southern Baden there are also only a handful of SOTA activators. We also have a new member: DL2AAW / Peter with whom I was yesterday at his 2nd activation on the Feldberg.

I also love to be in the Vosges and would be happy if you also visit summits in the Black Forest.

Then hopefully we will hear each other soon / maybe as S2S.

73 Armin - Lörrach / Freiburg


Salut Gérard!
Well done and hope to cu soon.

73 from (not too far away) Tübingen,

Welcome Gèrard :wave:

See you soon in a QSO.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

Welcome Gérard! You’ll find a great community in SOTA, here and on the air!

Hope to S2S with you soon.

Welcome to Gérard, and congratulations on your first activation.

Here’s to many more!

73 - Matthew, M0JSB

Welcome Gèrard

and hope to chase you soon, from home or from a summit.

73 Ludwig

Hello Gérard,
Bienvenu dans le monde du Sota et profites bien de cette activité. Mais attention, ça devient vite addictif :wink:
Laurent de F8CZI

Salut Gérard,
I wish you a lot of fun with SOTA!
Living in Basel, I enjoy activating both in the Voges and Schwarzwald, and I hope for a S2S with you in the near future!
73 Stephan, HB9EAJ

Congratulations to you Gerard, welcome to the fraternity. Enjoy, and have fun :grinning:

73 de Geoff vk3sq

Bienvenue au club,
Veux-tu t’inscrire sur le group Sota-France?
73 de Gerald F6HBI

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Bravo Gerard.
Je te souhaite beaucoup de plaisir en sota avec ton super jouet !

73 de Pierre f5mog

Bienvenue Gérard, F1ELJ, sur SOTA et félicitations pour ta première activation.
J’espère de pouvoir te chaser plusieurs fois et S2S aussi dans l’avenir.
À très bientôt.