Welcome to a new Activator!

Congrats and a hearty welcome to Clifford, M6LKB who joined myself and Gerald G4OIG with grandfather David, G6LKB on Kirkby Moor LD-049 last Sunday and carried out his first ever SOTA activation in fine style.

Keep up the good work Clifford, we’re looking forward to our first S2S contacts with you!

73 de Paul G4MD

Yes, congratulations Clifford. A very well accomplished activation which was a pleasure to listen to as I set up my station alongside you. Thanks for the bright smile and wave as you left the summit with your grandfather.

It was a pleasure to work you from some of the other summits that Paul and I activated. Hopefully we will have that S2S sometime soon.

73, Gerald G4OIG

In reply to G4MD:

Welcome indeed!!

Good Luck in all your future activations and certainly hope to get you S2S or even chasing you from the Shack very soon.



In reply to G4MD:

Congratulations Clifford, on a very competent first activation :slight_smile:

I heard your first QSO from G/LD-049 on Sunday, which was a reply to a CQ call by a G4 if I remember correctly? I followed the G4 & yourself (& Grandad) up to 145.550 & when the QSO finished, I asked if you could QSY up to 145.575.

It was a real pleasure to work you & I have to say you must have done a fair bit of listening, because you certainly know how to operate a radio & how to handle a pile-up, which I am certain you were not expecting!

Your family should be proud of you, & you can rightly be proud of yourself for a superbly conducted first activation. You were a lot more organised than I was on mine, that’s for sure!

I can only echo the comments made above, & wish you many years of fun with amateur radio :slight_smile:

Best wishes & a huge well done!


Mark G0VOF