Welcome Back, Viki.

GREAT to hear You Viki, M6BWA, I was very pleased to see the spot on Sotawatch. You have been missed from the bands. Certainly by me and I’m sure by many other Chasers. I hope it will not be long before you are once again able to “Light Up”, the Summits as you have done in the past. VHF and your favourite UHF have not been the same without You. Take Care and recover completely. 73 de Paul M0CQE.


I agree with Paul above, it’s great to see you are getting out & about again Viki. I did try to work you on GW/NW-061 earlier but sadly you were right done in the noise to me in Cannock. Look forward to catching up with you soon. 72 Glyn


Yes, agreed, great to have Viki back, although like you Glyn, unfortunately she was too quiet for me to chase today from home, which is surprising as I have chased Y Golfa quite successfully before. I think conditions weren’t great. Instead I listened to the activation on G0XBU’s web sdr (g0xbu.co.uk - WebSDR), not sure if she got her 4 on 70cm though…?


(M6BWA) Thanks for the kind words. Still having walking problems but have made some limited progress. I am having another try today (based in Dolgellau for 3 nights) and hoping to get up Foel Offwrm GW/NW-055 today but this a very low hill tucked in above the Mawddach estuary so no-one will hear my frantic calls unless they are on Pwhelli beach or, possibly, on Moel Siabod. (or Cadair or the Arrans!!) Time approx 1030+ UTC for about an hour (weather permitting) it’s low mist at present. Possibly an even lower one tomorrow GW/NW-074 and then travelling back on Monday with something a little more feasible for contacts (GW/NW-059 or?) if we can dodge the weather and are still moving.

I did get 5 on 70cms in the end yesterday thanks to Tom M1EYP popping up on The Cloud to announce he was ‘doing fusion’ but got waylayed onto fm! Tx also the Steve G7ADF on Shining Tor for another S2s.

PS Whoops! Alerting for 1030 UTC (1130 BST) not 1130 - if I get there!!
73 Viki


M6BWA Whoops got the UTC wrong. Hoping to get set up in my tiney hill by 1130BST or 10do UTC. doh!


Thanks for the S2S today :slight_smile:

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Welcome back,Vikki, I look forward to chasing you again when I’m back from Montenegro later this week.