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Weekday activation timing

I am contemplating trying to activate two summits on the same day next Wednesday. Given the lengths of hikes required for each, I’d need to do one in the morning and the other after noon.

Here’s the question for the group: how early and how late in the day would you generally expect chasers to chase on a weekday? I don’t have any experience with weekday activating. In an ideal world, I’d be working first summit by 9am CST (1400z). That would put me on the second summit around 2pm or so, assuming 45min activation.

QTH will be Missouri, btw. I’ll work 20-80m, ssb, 10W.

Thanks for your input.

Joe / N0MAP

I think that there will be plenty of chasers. I started Gibraltar Rock Wed. at 2200 utc, and had 16 ssb contacts on 20 meters, 10 cw contacts on 40 meters (the latter qrs, so limiting,) albeit with more power. I think W0M is activated less, so desirable to part time chasers, if they see your alert. Good luck!

Peter KD0YOB

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From my experience it’s never too early or too late to activate, the chasers are always there. Put up an alert and you’ll be fine.

40 and 80 meters in the morning will get you plenty of calls and 40 and 20 in the afternoon will do the same. Use CW if you can.

Good Luck


I think Peter is right. It seems like I have less time than ever for radio since I “retired” a couple of years ago! But I try to keep my eye on SOTAwatch when I’m at home. In my case, I still work on weekends, so weekday activations are ideal for me. We all have those mundane chores that need attention, grocery shopping, doctor or dentist appointments, etc, but it seems a spot never fails to raise interest. GL.

73, Larry

If you are out activating , you will find chasers. There are enough of us retired guys and gals out there to work you on a week day. I’ll be looking for you on 40 or 30 meters. Good luck Joe. 73 de Scotty KG3W

Alright, I appreciate the input. I’ll proceed with the schedule that puts me on summit 1 by 9. Will post an alert and try to keep it accurate.


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