Being pretty new to SOTA land, I have a question. I assume that chasers who use Web SDR to hear an activator, but use their home stations to talk to a activator don’t count as a legitimate contact for either the activator or the chaser because they are using a remote base to receive.

Is this true?

73 Eric Fitzgerald KG6MZS

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Hi Eric

Remote station and Web SDR are a touchy topic.

I think the use case you described is as you concluded disallowed.

Each country has different rules about remote station usage (in this case I’m referring to the RX/TX portion being colocated but internet connected to the operator).

In the USA, Remote Ham Radio have stations all over the US, one in Haiti (not sure it’s status) and I think Croatia.

From memory, having possible access to so many stations and in essence really improving your chances of a QSO generated a huge amount of polarized responses. Bit like FT8 for DXCC in other circles…

Just my two cents….



Hi Eric, had a look at your web site, very informative and a great read with fantastic photos. Well done with your activation’s; this is a fun hobby. :smiley:

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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That’s wrong.
Let me invite you to read this old thread:

The use of webSDR for receiving the activator signal and transmitting with the chaser’s own station is so far permitted.




Good point Guru.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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I stand corrected but also somewhat surprised.

I thought there was a whole discussion about using a WebSDR in the UK (RAF Hack Green).

I’ll rummage around the site and refresh my memory on this topic.

If it’s acceptable, here are few Western USA SDR sites people might be interested in using to listen to us western New World operators.

Utah SDR
SF Bay Area SDR
Arizona SDR



Interesting. Thanks for all the replies. …and thanks Geoff for the flowers. SOTA combines two of my favorite things to do - radio and mountaineering.

The question on my part is academic inasmuch as I had one legitimate two-way contact on Mt. Hooper (W6/SS-140) and two others where they could only hear me through WebSDR, but were 59 from their home stations to me on the summit. Still not enough to claim the 10 points (3 contacts) but enough to activate the summit for the first time in either case.

I’ll include the two additional contacts in my log and watch out for any rule changes.

Thanks again and 73


Eric (@KG6MZS)

That’s unfortunate that you didn’t get the points for Hooper. It looks harder to access and possibly off the John Muir Trail.

Were you camping as a part of a multi day?

When I started SOTA it was all about points but as time goes on uniques and FAs begin to appear more rewarding.

I did scan through Guru’s (@EA2IF) post and he is dead right that WebSDR being OK.

I live further down the coast from you and while a pretty location my reception into the US from home is terrible.

I’m going to see if I can listen with SDR and launch a few hundred watts in response.


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You were a big reason I discovered SOTA. I saw your post on the Elecraft reflector a year or so ago and then heard you on Mt. Williamson in the San Gabriel Mountains. You sounded like you were having so much fun I thought to myself “I want to do that!” You posted a pic from Mt. Starr - a peak I’d climbed twice back in the day, so I started squirreling away my ducats for a KX2.

Yes, Hooper was part of a 4 night/5 day backpack trip on the John Muir trail. We just completed another 4 day/3 night segment that included climbing Half Dome. However I neglected to bring a BNC cable and did not activate that venerable icon of the Sierra Nevada. I still had a blast and learned a lesson in the process. :wink:

73 Eric KG6MZS

The back side of Half Dome at sunrise the day after we climbed it. The cables go up that diagonal white line off the sub-dome on the right:


Hi Eric (@KG6MZS)

Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad I have been able to motivate someone to participate in SOTA!!

I too have had my list of failures from broken BNC though to sitting atop peaks and getting no contacts. We do indeed live and learn from these.

I remember our chat on Williamson and marked you down as being in Topanga. He’s my “old school” log entry.

I’ve always liked Williamson but sadly its now a charred mess due to the Bobcat fire last year.

Mark (@M0NOM) asked on a separate thread about favorite peaks near our homes. Williamson is one of mine but I don’t really have any good snaps to show its charm. I like the views up and down the San Gabriels and then into the Mojave. I remember seeing Telescope in Death Valley from Williamson and marveling at the clarity of the air and also remembering Telescope as a rough ascent.