WEB-SDR / remote reports: Please vote in poll

AE7AP on W7M/CL-154 14.062 cw
Not able to respond- caught you on the Utah SDR (Posted by AG7NE)

Does this mean the USA frown on the use of re transmitted reports for SOTA
as I and others do in the UK but have to tolerate it?? 73 Don.

I doubt it!


A station using a remote SDR would be using the internet. That puts it in the same class as terrestrial repeaters. No points can therefore be claimed if using a remote SDR or remote station.

Remote stations can help the user to be on air when local noise or regulations would otherwise stop them. I understand the temptation to use such devices for SOTA but unless I’ve got it all wrong it contravenes both the General Rules and the Spirit of SOTA. It has nothing to do with the USA or the UK or any other country. (you were trying to be subtle?)

People using remote stations for SOTA are fooling themselves and if SOTA were a competition they would be disqualified.




Totally agree with you Ron,my sentiments entirely and a point I made in a previous
reflector discussion.Not the opinion of some in the UK. 73 Don.G0RQL.

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Some people say the earth is flat.


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So it seems to me.

It’s not.

Yes, you have and it doesn’t.

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We seem to be heading toward rehashing a topic already trashed to death…

Maybe we can save ourselves some typing and read that thread again!


Let us examine this proposition in more detail.

  1. Why do you think that using the internet puts remote SDR in the same class as a terrestrial repeater? Think about the signal path in both directions before replying.
  2. Does your reasoning also apply to satellite internet?
  3. Do you realise that DXCC and IOTA regulate but do not ban remote SDR?
  4. What is your answer to the proposition that a remote SDR is equivalent to having a receiver with a very long speaker lead and tuning control?

Basically, your post tells us that you don’t like SDR but gives us no detail. The MT has spent a lot of time discussing in depth the use of SDR but as yet has made no move to ban or regulate it.

So if we allow the use of sdr it will also be ok to accept the operator that chips in
with a report for you which is the same as a report through sdr.
We need a decision! Don.G0RQL.

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it’s about time this was put on a poll with a simple YES or NO.


Off you go then…

Hi Guys,

I did not say I don’t like Software Defined Radios. Nothing wrong with them. You are extrapolating with intent.

Satellite internet is one big red herring. The means of connecting between terminals on the internet does not change it from being internet. It ain’t ham radio.

I can sit in a cafe and use my mobile phone to connect to a remote station and “work” someone on a summit in another continent via a remote station and you will have to work very very hard to convince me that’s SOTA. It’s worse than working them on my HH via Dstar which is not allowed in SOTA. The Dstar probably had a HH at both ends but it uses a repeater and is forbidden.

Remote stations are worse as there is radio only at one end.

If I follow your reasoning then a mobile phone to mobile phone call constitutes a legitimate SOTA contact as there is rf used at each end. NBL!

re your no 4.

Einstein was once asked to explain wireless. He said imagine a long cat with it’s tail in New York and it’s head in London. If you pull the tail in New York it meows in London. That’s the telegraph. Wireless he said is the same except there is no cat.

Your #4 is equally amusing.

Re others condoning this practice or that practice I remember my first teacher telling me that just because the other boys did that doesn’t mean you should do it. 70 years later he is still right.


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Mobile phones don’t use amateur bands so they contravene the GRs already. Strawman argument.


And which amateur bands does the internet use? None but plenty of other frequencies.

Oh maybe you missed the NBL?


The final leg on my system uses 2.4GHz, a non-amateur band. Does this mean I’m breaking the rules?

[Explanation: received audio sent over 2.4-GHz link to my hearing aids]

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  • Do you agree with SDR being used to Chase = YES
  • Do you agree with SDR being used to Chase = NO

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You should clarify:
are we talking about remote public RX (“websdr”), or privately controlled remote transceivers?

edit: my home station is SDR, I see nothing wrong using it for sota chases :slight_smile:




remote public RX (“websdr”) <> privately controlled remote transceivers