Weather in area loved by SOTAists!

Amazing summer weather in the DM/BW area close to DM/BW-099 Achalm, near Reutlingen!

Info on link to the BBC website about the massive hail storm there.

The DM/BW area is loved by SOTA Activators and Chasers for its easy access to high scoring summits. It’s not a million miles from Friedrichshafen and is fairly close to Liechenstein HB0.

Weather in the DM/BW Area


Hello Phil,

interesting that this was on BBC news! I passed through Reutlingen to pick up my daughter from a summer camp just before it happened (the sky looked already threatening). Less than an hour later - on the way back - we got stuck in a huge traffic jam. Roads were full of ice and water about a foot high.

The open space in the picture below had turned into a lake with ice floes floating about.

Luckily, no damage on our end. Just lost an hour trying to get through.
73, Roman


S5 and OE/KT is also heavyly hit be rain leading to flooding. Villages are cut off and are supplied by helicopter.
Hiker from PA are still missing. Two got killed by lightning apparently.

73 Joe