Weak time or not?

Looking back on my SOTA-year 2023 it seemed to be a weak year. But looking more closely I’ve found 7 + N SOTA related firsts, all good but one bad. Lets start.

No 1 plus N:
In June I took part in my first SOTA dinner near Friedrichshafen (HAM Radio). During this great event I had many (N) F2F :grinning: 2 :grinning: contacts to SOTA enthusiasts met before only on the bands. Thanks to all, it was a great pleasure.

SOTA booth at HAM Radio fair

No 2 and 3:
On the way back home I was on DM/BW-854 activating this summit my first time. And it was my first joint activation together with my friend Ulli @DC1UH (his first SOTA activation).

No 4:
Like the years before in August I activated some HB9 summits. From HB/GR-129 I had my the first contact using my new built QMX (HB9/@IK2LEY/p on HB/GR-114).

No 5 and 6:
During the transatlantic S2S party in November @LW2DO was my first SA QSO from a summit and @N1AIA my first NA S2S, a great feeling despite storm, cold and rain.

When starting the weather was not as bad as one hour later

No 7, the bad first:
My last activation of the year was on December 30th on DM/TH-853. A blast stripped my SOTA flag from the tip of the pole and it was not to be found. My first loss of a precious item during an activation. (But it could be worse losing my TRX or falling from the high stack of trunks I was climbing on to look for the flag).

So at last I call 2023 a good SOTA-year to me.

73 Ludwig


Plenty in stock :innocent:


Hello Berry,

What a relief :wink:. But if ordering only the flag I have to pay double :disappointed_relieved: regarding tax and handling the tax (6 € :grimacing:) by our postal service.

Is there a chance to buy or handover a orderd flag on HAM Radio this year?

73 Ludwig

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Should be Ludwig. I’m doing checks on flights, car hire, hotels etc. this month. I’m 90% sure I’m coming this year and will know for sure by 1-feb-2024.


Oh the benefits of Brexit :rage:

Are there any other than it being legal to sell wine and champagne in pint bottles? (Legal to sell it in pint bottles but nobody supplies it in pint bottles!)

When you fly to EU destinations there are two passport queues, EU/EFTA passports and Other (aka as “all other non-EU scum”!) We now have to queue in the “all other non-EU scum” queue. However, a few times I’ve arrived at passport control there has been the mother of all queues at the EU lanes as internal EU flights and my flight from the UK have arrived together. There’s normall just a few of us scum at the the “all other scum” lanes.

I’ve been able to breeze through on these odd occasions :slight_smile:
And then find I have to pay for mobile phone roaming. :frowning:

Brexit the gift that never stops giving.


One drink too many or is this your real opinion?

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Wrong provider. Didn’t pay anything on O2 in 2022 or 2023 calling the UK from the EU. No data charges either… I was able to keep up with my daily Wordle and Quardle brain exercises. :joy:

Mrs. FMF doesn’t have to pay as her contract existed before Brexit. But I changed provider for better coverage/4g calling so I have to pay now. My new phone is dual SIM up to 8 eSIMS and there are plenty of MVNO providers offering free roaming (but lacking what I want day to day in UK ) so I can buy one of those for a month when going abroad.