WB5USB is now 3G

Congrats to my SOTA mentor George WB5USB who is now a 3X Mountain Goat. Thanks for the great SOTA adventures and getting me more addicted.
Tim - K5DEZ


Congratulations! That is a lot of summits.

Jeff K6QCB


Congratulations, George!

Well done George! I want to be like you when i grow up. GL SOTA!
Mike NS1TA

Congratulations George on 3xMG ! Thanks for all the QSO’s (200 so far) along the way.

73 Rich N4EX

Congratulations George. thanks for your efforts to provide us with all those contacts

BIG CONGRATS, George! Way to go.
Best, Ken

Quite an accomplishment George. Keep climbin those hills!
Scott kw4jm

Congrats George on 3X MG. I look forward to working you on more hills to come!
Best 73/72,
Dennis - WA2USA

Congrats George, Not many 3 pt. Goats out there!
73 Gary

Congratulations George!
de John Paul // AB4PP

Congratulations George! Always great to get out on an activation with you and Tim.


Mike - ke5akl

Congrats on 3MG! Inspiring!
73, KD0YOB

Congratulations, George! And thanks for the 105 contacts to date!

Hope to catch you on many more summits.

73, Walt

Great job George. Always fun to work you and hope to work you many more times.
Gary A. - W0MNA