WB5CTS Summit Correction 7 May 2021

Chasers that worked me 7 May 2021 on 14.061 from 1527 UTC-1550 UTC Incorrect Spot. The activation was on W7A/CS-026 Summit Mountain NOT W7A/AE-018. I had two activations
alerted and apparently hit the wrong one on Sota Goat. Many apologies to all.

73, Steve WB5CTS

p.s. W7A/AE-018 was cancelled due to heavy “Lumber Traffic” on Bill Williams Road.

Thanks for S2S and the clarification, Steve.
Nice to work you this morning.
David N6AN W6/CT-225, Flint Peak

Hi Steve,
Tnx we made it again, my log corrected
73 / Lars

In retrospect, watching SotaWatch yesterday, I should have noticed that you were on W7A/CS-026 on 40 meters at 1504Z, and 20 minutes later you were spotted on W7A/AE-018 on 20 meters. Wow, that guy is FAST. :grin: :grin:

Thanks Hutch, Log corrected.