WB2FUV Tuesday Correct Summit W2/GC-109

Today I was on summit W2/GC-109, Bell Ayre Mountain, all day. Last night I had posted an Alert for W2/GC-015 High Point B, which I deleted early this morning after reports of swollen streams. I posted a new Alert for W2/GC-109 before leaving the house this morning. Unfortunately, SOTAWatch used the old info and was spotting me on the wrong summit all day. My apologies for any confusion this caused. Hopefully chasers saw my CORRECT spots during the activation since I had cell service at the summit…

In the future, what should I have done differently to fix SotaWatch?

Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV

Hello Mike,

I have just checked the alerts on Sotawatch and both of your alerts are still there, W2/GC-015 hasn’t been deleted.

73 de VA2EO, Éric

Thanks Eric. But when I look at SOTAwatch3 I only see my latest Alert. Should I have deleted it elsewhere? 73! Mike, WB2FUV