Wb 02

Just a quick sorry to all that i didnt hear or work today from Brown Clee my alincos front end curled up and died from brake through ,so struggled a bit did get my four but only just ,2E0CHZ had a all together far better time working quite a few on 6 fm ,with devon being the best dx it was worth the effort of lugging the Kenwood ts 60 up with us after all thanks to everyone who called her 73 AL G7RHF

In reply to G7RHF:
Glad you had a good time up there Al!

Just a shame I was not able to return the favour of chasing you, like both you and Cheryl have done for me over my 2 years involvement in SOTA!

Joint activation beckons I think!

Matt G8XYJ

In reply to G7RHF:

I heard you (not Cheryl) on 6m just as we arrived on Kinder, but only briefly and then nothing. Sorry not to make contact. Couldn’t try for long as 2m ssb needed setting up.

Bad luck with the break through. Viki had trouble up there the first time but moved further from the mast on our second visit and all was fine.