WB-014 Great Minds!

Hello All

Just wanted to say that quite clearly great SOTA minds think alike!! As I reached the summit I searched for an easy place to erect the 7m fishing pole. I found an old lightning/fire damaged tree stub and thought that would have plenty of nooks to put the antenna up in. Inside the stub was a Sandwich box with the contents of a SOTA CACHE inside planted by G1INK. I signed the book and returned the box to its original position, as instructed I was told to tell people on SOTA WATCH, so here is the note of it!

Radio wise the activation was very good and a haul of 4m contacts was good to hear as well as the regulars on 2m SSB!

Many thanks

Matt 2E0XTL

In reply to 2E0XTL:

Nice to know its still there Matt. I put out a few for Charlie G0PZO who used to run "sota caching". Not sure if Charlies still active in caching. As Charlie would say - “bye now”