WB-007 (Brief) A.R

Hello all,

Today saw a successful activation of WB-007 Heath Mynd. I was on HF (80, 60, 40, 20) and Geoff 2E0BTR was on 2m SSB. A good handful of contacts was had by both of us, and Es made for interesting conditions on 80 and 60. The amount of chasers was slightly up by recent standards, with a good dollop of regulars in the log. I could hear INKy on 40m, but he went down in QSB and my 5W wasn’t up to the task. Carolyn G6WRW was audible at a surprisingly close distance, and I could hear several G stations.

Apologies to those looking for me on 7.118 - the intermittent problem I had with my antenna reared it’s head again as I QSY’ed and it took me a little while to locate the fault and carry out a temporary repair. No contacts on 40m for me =(

20m was quite busy and I was very hungry, so just the one contact - a lighthouse in Denmark, very interesting.

All in all a very enjoyable activation. It was nice to get so many familiar callsigns in the log - many thanks to all stations.


Dave M0MYA.