WB-004 today

Thank you to:

and G0BPU

Who all helped me pass a little bit of time this afternoon on 70cm :o)


ps… I find HF far easier :o)

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Thank you for the points, Carolyn. I was only using 10 watts so was quite happy with the 5/1. As expected, I couldn’t hear you on 23 cms but maybe we’ll manage an S2S sometime.


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Hi Carolyn

Nice to catch you on 70cms SSB as my former call of M3XTL and my current call of 2E0XTL on 23cms!

Glad the weather was good for you! See you on UHF Fun Day on the 27th of March! 1200 GMT

73 Matt 2E0XTL

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Who all helped me pass a little bit of time this afternoon on 70cm :o)

Careful, it’s extremely infectious! I’d recommend treatment by taking a good activation on 20m SSB working JA’s and W’s. There’s no better way of getting UHF out of your system :wink:

73 and well done!, Gerald G4OIG

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I cant believe how poor the tropo has been with the present high pressure system. I did SP-001 on Sunday, had a listen on 2m & heard a few PA/ON/F/DL however I think the main reason was they were contesting with high power & high gain antennae. I actually qualified the hill on 70cms ssb with 2x G & 2 x PA stations by squirting 70cms into the 3 ele SOTA beam. Ill be in EA8 for UHF fun day but dont think therell be much of a duct from there.