Wayne W4KWM Newest NA MG

Congratulations to Wayne for acquiring enough points today for Mountain Goat! Thanks for all the contacts, Wayne, and hope to make many more.

73, Walt


Big Congrats, Wane!
Welcome to the heard, and BAAA!

Way to go Wayne! And all UHF/VHF right?
Scott kw4jm

Congrats Wayne!
73 Sabrina

Congratulations Wayne on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congrats Wayne on your Mountain Goat. 73 De Scotty KG3W

Congrats Wayne! I’m glad I had the chance to work you today. 73, Steve WD4CFN

Hi Scott, Yep, 5 watts on the HT all the way. Almost entirely on VHF with a few UHF.

Thank you everyone. I went into January this year at 309 points. At the Gwinnett Area Radio Society Tech Fest in January I made the comment I wanted to at least get to 500 points on the HT then start using HF. KI4SVM,Pat, a triple goat, commented that I should keep going andsee how far toward Goat I could get on the HT. Well, I did and there were summits that we spent over an hour getting the 4th contact butN4HNH, and KC4WZB and I kept at it. Today was a relief in two ways. One, I made Goat so that milestone has been achieved. Two, I don’t have to wonder IF I’m going to get my 4 or not. Hale Ridge, W4G/NG-043, was the worst. Easy hike up a Forestry Service road, short bushwhack up a ridge line. Easy to get there, not so easy to make HF contacts. It’s lower than all of the surrounding mountains and far from any population center. Now I can go back and not have to wonder.

Again, thank you everyone for the congratulations and the contacts you’ve given me over the last 18 moths as I went from a new ticket holder to Mountain Goat.



Congratulations Wayne! Great to work you today on your MG summit. Dean ~ K2JB

Good job, Wayne! It was quite a challenge doing it on VHF and you did it! Now, you can settle in while you work on the next 1000. Good luck. :hiking_boot:

Ron and Liz

Big Congrats, Wane!
Welcome to the heard, and BAAA!

Nice job! I’m sure you feel awesome! Nice shirt too!!!

Big congrats, Wayne. Just sorry I wasn’t part of the chase.

73 Paula k9ir

Congratulations Wayne! That’s quite impressive!

73 de KR7RK

Video of Wayne’s 4th contact with his XYL here…

Congrats Wayne! Very cool that we both made MG on the same day. Thanks for chasing me!!

We are officially goat brothers :laughing:

See ya on the next one!!


Congrats on :mountain_snow: :goat: Wayne! 73 Kris

Yes, we are. And, you are my first ever CW contact as well.

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Congrats Wayne and welcome to the herd! Glad I could work you yesterday and even cooler that the first four contacts on my activation were the four mountain goats on your summit. Looking forward to the further adventures of the SOTA Banditos!

73, pat - KI4SVM