Waun Fach Or nearby (for Sat 4th March, all welcome)

Hi all,

Im planning to drive to the area around Waun Fach and try to activate the summit (or others around) on the 24-25th of Feb.

Ive never been around the area so any tips will help a lot.
Im planning to drive up on Friday, sleep somewhere close, maybe a camping site and start the hike Saturday.
Fishing pole seems a must. No tries around hehehe
Snow covered at the moment?

Anyone around the area that might be interested in joining etc please let me know (or pm me).
Or maybe having a pint or fish and chips.


Can’t make that weekend or I’d come along.
You can easily stay overnight at the carpark (Mynydd Du) at the end of the Grwyne Fawr Reservoir road.
Alternatively you can come up from the west side (Pengenffordd).
It’s best to pick a day where it’s frozen, as the summit is a bog fest, although they were building a new path last year when I was there.
It will be no help in the snow however :slight_smile:


Great info!! Thanks!

What do you mean by dog fest?
Are the conditions almost certainly snowy around end of Feb?
I dont have snow specific gear just gear for very low temps.
Layers, goretex etc but not for snow exhibitions.

Ill probably pitch some sort of shelter for protection.


Not dog but bog:

Hehe sorry dyslexia moment!

Thanks a lot!

Hi Tasos

Sorry not around on the weekend otherwise I would join you.

Here is my route to Waun Fach. Not much room for the car but I usually reverse a few metres up the track leaving enough room for the farmer to get past with his quad. Hardly any boggy bits on this route and the last few metres have stone steps to the summit which is no longer boggy.


If you need any more info about any of SW summits please e-mail me (see QRZ.com)

73 Alllan GW4VPX

Bog Fest :laughing:

This is the top of Waun Fach approaching the summit from the east.
It’s big and featureless.
Be prepared for poor visibility and make sure you know how to navigate when there’s nothing to see.

There’s no guarantee of snow.
Last year (24 feb) was very cold but dry and sunny.

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VHi Tasos

I’ve been looking at your list of completed activations. Now I don’t know what your experience is of hill walking but I would suggest that you look at activating Pen y Fan GW/SW-001 as the route to the summit is ‘easy navigation’. I can assure you that you will not be alone as it will be busy on the weekend which means you must get to the car park as early as possible (at least 8:00 am).

Plenty of room on top for to get away from the hordes whilst activating (VHF works well also). Check MWIS (Mountain Weather Information Service -Google it) for weather conditions in the Brecon Beacons.

You then have the option to activate Fan Fawr across the road.

Apologies if you are an experienced hill walker but I had to let you know that there was another option to Waun Fach.

Hope this helps.

73 Allan GW4VPX

PS…looked at my diary and I may be available to join you for Waun Fach…001 already done this year.

Allan and Peter, thank you both for the info!

Indeed im not an experienced hill walker. Minor defence might be that I do well with maps as my work is all about maps and orientation :slight_smile: apart from that i have two left feet :slight_smile:

The idea is that its the closed to london and from google they seem ok (im using plural as there is another summit on the left). Also there seems to be a camp site at the nearby village.

It would be great if you want to join!

Ps: ive got 1:25k OS on paper and gps too :slight_smile: heheh and i grow up at an altitude and mountain that you probably cant cant find in England (G i mean)

Hi Tasos

Great, now I know how you’ve opted for Waun Fach. What’s the name of the village where the campsite is?

I take it that the summit on the ‘left’ is Mynydd Troed GW/SW-009…for this one we usually park at SO 160283 and also activate Mynydd Llangorse GW/SW-015 to give 12 points (inc winter bonus). (See my blog for info on these).

Anyway, keep in touch and let me know your plans a little nearer the date or e-mail me.

73 Allan GW4VPX


Ill probably camp there: http://www.campingbreconbeacons.com
As its going to be late and i dont want disappointments :slight_smile: by camping wild.
Its 3:30h drive so ill try to leave work around 4pm on friday.


Yes, ideally suited for the summits…keep in touch

73 Allan

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Do you think Ill need some rain over-pants as an insurance policy around Wales (end of Feb)?


Traditionally I believe that a coracle is used. Quite handy as an operating shelter as well as for skidding down the wetter sections.


Yes…most definitely…good quality waterproof over trousers. Prepare for the worst as it will still be February…rain, low cloud and/or mists, wind and possibly snow. Good quality waterproof coat and plenty of layers with spare in the rucksack. Quite a few posts here on the Reflector regarding clothing and walking boots etc.

73 Allan

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IMHO definitely some protection from the wet is essential and take gaiters if you have them. I used to wear waterproof overtrousers, but haven’t used mine for anything other than local walks since moving to Paramo gear for the hills. I also wear gaiters all year round as they protect not just against mud, but also vegetation and those nasty little ticks.

Sounds like it would be good if someone could accompany you on this one Tasos. Unfortunately I will be up north on a GM/SS summit on 25th February.

73, Gerald G4OIG


They are out of stock at Go Outdoors and I believe they won’t be having any more in stock. Pity, mine is almost worn out. :wink:

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Once we leave the EU every day will be sunny, apparently.


Somehow I doubt that that statement has been taken from the Nicola Sturgeon book, “A guide to clothing for walking the Scottish hills”. :wink:

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Obviously a cue for the keen amateur to have a go at homebrewing then :wink:

Though probably best not to emulate Colin M1BUU and build it once you reach the summit…

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