Waterproof recommendations?

Following on from the boot recommendation topic, Martyn and I are looking to buy new waterproofs because our current ones aren’t up to the sorts of weather we seem to end up walking in. We’re looking for something that can be worn all day if it’s wet, but can also survive being folded up and stuffed in a rucksac, and ideally can be washed.


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Hi Caroline, I can highly recommend Paramo Cascada jacket & trousers they are extremely waterproof although you do need to occasionally reproof them but I usually do that when I wash them. The thing I like about them is one garment does all and they dry very quickly even after a real downpour, a bit expensive perhaps but in my opinion well worth it. The jacket is around £200 and the trousers around £100.


Victor GI4ONL

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I would second that.
Any of the Paramo range of outer jackets are good. Gortex doesn’t (or didn’t used to) like being continually creased up and stuffed in a bag, lost its proofing and was irreparable., Paramo’s proofing system means you can just keep on reproofing as needed. I wash mine a couple times per year, proof once per year. Job done.
Les g0nmd

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Hi Caroline,

I have to agree with Victor - discovering Paramo was life changing in terms of dryness and comfort when out in foul weather (something Gerald and I seem to be particularly adept at finding…)

I use Cascada trousers and an Alta II jacket. Does tend to be warm, but easily controllable with the venting options.

A bit bulky perhaps for the pack but without membranes, taped seams etc. will certainly withstand the stuffing :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD

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My XYL swears by her Paramo jacket but I’ve gone for the layered approach with a fleece under one of two outer waterproofs - chosen depending on the time of year and what I’m doing.

I’ve got a Berghaus heavyweight (660g) jacket that is just starting to show signs of wear after several winters of heavy use. It’s still very servicable.

For backpacking I’ve got a Montane Atomic jacket and the matching trousers. At 270g and 175g respectively they’re superb and take up very little volume in my rucksack when not in use. I also use these in the mountains in summer - they’re that good.

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I have a 20 quid piece of Karrimor “junk” I bought in sportsdirect. It is from their “weathertite” range. It’s SO thin and lightweight but it actually works!!!

I’ve crumpled it up into my bag hundreds of times and it’s still waterproof. Two weeks in a dark and stormy Knoydart vouches for it.

I’m 100% certain there are better products out there, but if you want something that’s cheap and works…