Waterproof Boxes

I rarely go to Wal-Mart but today I did. In the camping stuff I found a great waterproof box, 9.5X6.5X3.5 inches. Outdoor Products 186OP-clr. It holds my KX3, microphone, little logbook, pencils, KXPD paddles, etc. It stows nicely in my day pack that I use for SOTA activations, and it only cost $19.95. The waterproof feature is nice since I kayak to some camp spots. The KX3 fits even with my added on raised side panels.


I Iooked at my receipt and see it was $18.43 not 19.95. Even better.

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Hi Ed

I store my FT-817ND in ‘Plano 1460’ waterproof case, 2 photos attached.

Also see Bullen Range activation

73, Andrew VK1AD


I store and operate my KX2 in this Peli box…

Find it on my website:

73! Tom



I have “invested” in a KX2 and successfully used it for the first time last Sunday on GM/ES-055. As a result I am keen to build a waterproof case and the Peli case approach looks good, especially for winter. However, I only use SSB (please no more helpful suggestions to learn CW!) and having a loudspeaker rather than headphones allows any non SOTA walking companions to listen in to what is happening. Building it into the case will muffle the internal loudspeaker. Has anyone come across this problem and have a solution, or do I just need to include a loudspeaker in the front panel?



I also found this little waterproof idevice/tablet case ($6) at Walmart to use as my SOTA 1-kilo Go-Box …

holds MTR inside black padded pencil case protecting MTR’s switches (which I’ve broken off before), 1200ma lipo battery (overkill!), Pico paddle, triband (trapped) EFHW antenna with coax + transformer/balun, earbuds and a niffty cellphone speaker amp (for easy listening)

Go-box and compact 15’/15" mast fit nicely inside my daypack for those hasty activations without the goats

73, Steve wGOAT

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Ed, I use the same Walmart Outdoor Products waterproof box, it’s been excellent.

I wrote a blog about my kit a while back: KR7RK Amateur Radio: Current SOTA Kit

Keith KR7RK

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I use an instrument case from Clas Ohlson. There is some significant weight but it seems fairly bombproof. Mine fits an 817 and amp which are well protected by padding. I think it depends on how much weight you are tolerant of and how much swamp you are likely to encounter on the way. The North Pennines (G/NP) are much easier to fall into than off of!

That case looks like the cases that “jaycar” used to sell in Australia. They are really solid!

73 Ed.

In my MTR5B-based GoBox, I use a the following tiny speakers with good success:


They are really small and should still fit into the front panel.

73 de Martin, DK3IT


What mast is that?
John Paul

Here you go John-Paul


If you are willing to have the pole shipped from Hong Kong, here is another 16"-15’ pole on ebay: 4m Superhard Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod Travel Spinning Pole for sale online | eBay. I have ordered similar poles from Hong Kong and the risk is that they arrive damaged as they are not shipped with any protection whatsoever. For $15 I am willing to take a chance. Also keep in mind that the top most section is too thin to be usable, so you will not get 15’ of elevation from it. Pole is very lightweight and easy to fit in backpack.

Dave, AE9Q