Was this a valid activator contact?

This past weekend, I participated in the ARRL June VHF+ contest as a rover. One of my stops was on a valid SOTA peak (W1/HA-076 if you’re curious). After the fact, I realized that the 10 GHz contact I made might count as a valid SOTA contact, but I need some clarification. My entire 10 GHz station was separate from the car: it’s an FT-817, horn antenna, transverter, and battery all in a milk crate. It was not touching my car, but it was not especially far away - only a couple feet. I also used a radio inside the car to coordinate making the 10 GHz contact. We used the other radio to talk about aiming antennas, that one of us was going to start sending dashes, etc. However, after that was done a complete contact was made.

Even if this is legit according to the rules, is it outside the spirit of the rules? It turns out it was only 27.5 km so it’s not eligible for any awards, but it’s still the first 10 GHz SOTA contact in W1 as far as I know. I’ll log it if it’s legit, and not worry about it if it’s not. Thanks!

It sounds OK to me. There’s nothing in the rules to stop you using any comms method to liaise with the other station, the important bit is you were capable of exchanging calls and reports on 10GHz. Now, could you have driven the car well away from the crate and antenna, walked back and continued the contact? If so, then it’s a good contact in my book.

Yes, I could have driven the car off and then walked back and forth. I would have been devoured by the mosquitos, black flies, and ticks. But I could have done it. For that matter, we could have used cell phones to liase as well.