WAS completed

Hi folks,

Not the WAS but Worked from All Saareland, hi

Thanks for your support while being active from DM/SR. Without you chasers, it wouldn’t have worked. Another goal completed for 2008.

Unless proofed wrong, I think SR is the first region in Germany that’s been completly activated and by one single person.

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Statistics are what they are but from my point of view, 97,26% have been firsts, that’s 71 out of 73 possible references.

A pity that SR people do not really seem to be interested to activate what they have.
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I also noticed a SOTA DB problem. You will find references like 17/30/47/66 (there are more) where DL8DXL is mentionned to be the first activator.
That’s not true. The scripts seem to have a sequence problem when 2 activators (or more, maybe) have been active from the same place during the same day.

73 Norby

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Hi Norby

Wow!! I didn’t realise that you had completed SR and with so many firsts in there too.

Congratulations on this amazing achievement, I must check how many I have chased because I seem to catch you on every summit, hi.

vy 73


Congratulations Norby !! You always sound great here.

Preparations here are underway for possible activation of a few DM/RP’s in august. There are a few non activated there as well if I’m not mistaken.

Would be concentrated around the Bad Dûrkheim/Neustad area.


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An outstanding achievement Norby. Many congratulations.

Mike G4BLH

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Hi Norby
What a wonderful achievement!
I definitely have not worked you from all of them - so when are you going to repeat WAS?!
Always a fantastic signal here - and fast.
Great stuff.
73 de Cris

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Congratulations on a magnificent achievement Norby, and for all the points along the way.


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It made me laugh when I read about your version of WAS because we always used to joke around here that WAB was Worked All Buckley. The small town of Buckley always seemed to have more than its fair share of radio amateurs probably due to its hight relative to the surroundings and clear take off for VHF.

If you fancy doing it again you could try SSB this time :0)

73 Steve GW7AAV

Hi Norby,

Congratulations on this great achievement.
It´s always a pleasure to hear your great signals
and your QRQ operating style.

vy 73 and cul

Steffen, DL3JPN

In reply to GM4FAM:

Hi Cris,

so when are you going to repeat WAS?!

Hmm, sri. I’m doing uniques only… I like my score to remain at 100% :slight_smile:

73 Norby