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Warning - new activator soon to be on loose


Hi All

I’m delighted to announce that my youngest daughter Roxy has today passed her Foundation Exam, and I have been informed that as soon as her callsign is allocated we will be off up the nearest hill to christen it!

73 de Paul G4MD and Roxy M3???


In reply to G4MD:

Many congratulations Roxy on passing your M3 examination, well done.

Now you need your Dad to buy you a nice new shiny radio, hi.

73 Mike GW0dsp


Yes very well done Roxy… I think a nice FT-817 would be a great well done present from you Paul… hi


In reply to G4MD:

Congratulations Roxy! Well done! I look forward to having a QSO once the licence arrives.

Congratulations also to the proud father!

73, Gerald


In reply to G4MD:
My congratulations, too, and a big welcome to Roxy!

Hey, Paul, Xmas is coming…!


Brian G8ADD


Congratulations Roxy - and Paul, who I am sure is just as delighted.

Hope you’ve not already done loads of uniques - that was my mistake :wink:


Great Roxy,congratulations look forward to logging you from your first summit.You picked the best time of year to pass the exam I have heard Santa does deliver 817’s.Don G0RQL.


A 2nd hand Yaesu VX-110 (from a dealer, boxed, manual, warranty etc) proved to be a good investment when Jimmy started just over two years ago. It is 2m FM only, but it is a very good performer, and is reasonable straightforward for a youngster to get to grips with the core functions of the radio.

We tend to share the 817/beam/dipole station on summits, but the handhelds are useful for keeping in touch when we get separated.


Thanks to all for your welcoming comments, We’re really looking forward to getting out onto the hills and working you all!

Thanks for the suggestions for expensive presents, Mrs 'MD is very chuffed.

Although somewhat distraught she can’t find a nice pink one…

73 de Paul G4MD and Roxy


In reply to G4MD:

Funnily enough, you can get a lovely shade of pink on the display of the FT857D!


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G4MD:

Although somewhat distraught she can’t find a nice pink one…

73 de Paul G4MD and Roxy

Then ask her to wrap a new shiny 817 in lovely pink sparkle Christmas wrapping paper with matching pink ribbon;-)

73 Mike


In reply to G4MD:

Hi Roxy

I do not know you and vice versa but I have followed all your Dad’s stories about your expolits and congratulate you for the M3 licence pass.

I am sure that being able to operate on the summits with him will embellish your trips with him.

Please do not hum or whistle the theme tune from 'Some Mothers do 'ave ‘em’ on the way up because Dad seems to have a problem with it !!

Best 73’s


Do you really think she knows how it goes? :wink:

I suspect the pile-up will be waiting eagerly for the debut activation. GL Roxy.


In reply to M1EYP:

Tom, you have missed the psychology of my post.

Plant a seed and you never know what might germinate! Perhaps even a pink wrapped FT817 as bribery for not following the thought? Sorry Paul!

Best 73’s


In reply to G4CMQ:

Actually David, Paul’s local car body shop has advised me that they will do FT-817 panel resprays for less than £20 :wink: However, I suspect that it might affect the resale value, so perhaps a pink leather carry case would be more appropriate.

I feel sorry for Paul, all you lot spending his money!

73, Gerald


It seems like everyone has missed the point.

The best possible reason for having more than one activator upon a summit is …

They get to carry all the gear :slight_smile:

So a shiny FT-2000 in pink, a pink 76 hour caravan battery and some huge steel mast and antenna of some sort.

If she complains just tell her thats how dad did it, and didnt he make it look easy :slight_smile:

Seriously though, the pink leather case would probably be the best idea.



In reply to G7ADF:

The best possible reason for having more than one activator upon a
summit is …

They get to carry all the gear :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, there were 4 of us up Peel Fell SB-004 at Easter and I carried all of the equipment and antennas… then again, I wouldn’t have it any other way. At least they carried lunch!

73, Gerald


I feel sorry for Paul, all you lot spending his money!

I’m sure the proud dad is looking forward to splashing out a bit. Not only has his child passed the Foundation exam, but she has does so with the intention of using it for SOTA purposes. This is a most powerful tool for earning pass-outs, and doubles the lobbying power at home.

I would recommend a few nice trips away Paul - youth hostels, B&Bs etc with some SOTA thrown in, pub meals/curries in the evenings after walking. Give Roxy such a taste of the outdoors hobby that she is always wanting to go, and always asking when the next one is. It worked a treat with Jimmy.

Take no notice of this lot; you don’t need to spend a fortune. I found the VX-110 was an excellent radio, but you could probably pick up something for half that price, which would be more than fit for purpose as a first hand-portable for Roxy.

Or you could just get her a SOTA Beams ‘Waterlog’ for Christmas. (But beware the references to Dickens!).



In reply to M1EYP:

You have well and truly blown our cover Tom, Mrs 'MD (who is an avid reader of the reflector) is now anticipating trips away to 5* hotels, and while Roxy and I activate hills, she intends to be activating my credit card…

And to you all:

Thanks for the suggestions, I’m sure Santa will find something between an FT2000 and a Waterlog for Roxy’s Christmas present! In the meantime I’m sure I’ll find some spare kit for her to borrow…and perhaps a wheelbarrow to get it up the hills…

Thanks again to everyone for the friendly comments and banter, Roxy is reading it all and looking forward to being able to register in her own right and take part. As for her first activation, I think I’d better start training her to deal with a pile-up - they dont cover that in the Foundation syllabus!

We’re both looking forward to working you all in the very near future

73 de Paul G4MD and Roxy


In reply to G4OIG:

I hope it was good sized lunch Gerald??!! ;o)

Congratulations on passing the Foundation exam Roxy.

Graham G4FUJ