Want to own a SOTA summit?

Mt Hallen, VK4/SE-089 is for sale. For a measly $620,000 you could own your very own SOTA summit. And it is a virgin, not ever having been activated before. Problem is, from an activator’s point-of-view, that’s a lot of money to pay for a one-pointer.


As the real estate sellers always say:
Location Location Location

Imagine it would be in Germany or even Switzerland… and building land… that would be a bargain :rofl:

73 Armin

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A bit over 107 hectares of QLD bush with koalas, kangaroos, birdlife, and even a few caves, apparently. I note they don’t mention the inevitable reptiles. :wink:


The reptiles don’t eat much. A rat every fortnight is plenty.

Biggest hazard is sunburn.