Walton Hill Tropo DX

Yesterday I packed my FT-817 and spare batteries into the rucksack and took a stroll with the dog to the top of Walton Hill (G/CE-002). It was foggy, cold and dull at the top. I clipped the elements onto my 4 ele 2M yagi and raised it to 2.5M above ground. The cold foggy gloom was soon forgotten as I sat and worked an endless stream of continental stations, I’m still smiling now as I type this.
Furthest was 3km from the German/Polish border, 1100km on 5 Watts!
Thanks to everyone who called me and a special thanks to F0DZO near Paris who gave me 5/2 on 100mw.
Great fun although I’m as stiff as a plank today from the cold.