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Walking Poles - Recommendations please

I’ve used (borrowed) walking poles in the past and am thinking of getting my own. Does anybody have recommendations (or brands to avoid)? I think the ones I’ve used were made by Leki but don’t know which model they were.

Colin G8TMV

In reply to G8TMV:

My Leki poles are about 8 years old and have not required replacement. If they did I would probably buy some more.



In reply to G3CWI:

I bought a pair of Leki poles secondhand in Autumn 2007. They were 4 years old then. I’ve used them for about 150 activations since in all weathers. They have survived with the abuse my big lardy bulk gives them.

I cannot fault them. Sarah has a pair of cheap supermarket poles which cost £1.98. Whether the expensive ones are better I cannot say.


My vote is for Leki poles. I’ve had a pair for a few years now and cannot fault them.

In reply to G8TMV:

Leki Carbon - 192g each. They’ll survive no end of abuse. Like all multi-section poles, they need dismantling and drying if they get really wet and then occasionally to check the threads. I’ve tried others but these get my vote (as Richard knows …)

73, Richard

In reply to G8TMV:
My vote is also for Leki poles. I don’t have a matching pair, one of them can have the handle unscrewed to expose a camera mount so it can be used as a mono pod. Very good sticks which have an extensive array of spare parts available should you somehow manage to break or lose a bit. Mines are the straight version, but more modern ones have the handles cranked over at an angle which are supposed to be more comfortable. Maybe someone who has tried both types can comment on which might be better? Roddy.