WAB Trigpoint Award

Brown Clee is in the list downloadable from the WAB site, so yes, it qualifies.

Nearest to North Rode on the list is TP6480 Tidnock approx. 2km N.W.

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Thanks Peter…
Great Job Andy…

If I remember correctly GM/ES-034 trig point is a bit disturbed as it was hit by lightning - helluva mess

Hi everyone

Just a brief thank you to all who contacted me on Great Rhos GW/MW-002 yesterday. It was really cold hence the fact that I only operated on one band and as a bank of cloud/mist was rolling in I decided to pull the plug. 44 contacts and two s2s - I hope I didn’t miss anyone on 40m as I gave many ‘final calls’ :wink: Log will be in the database in the next couple of hours.

I’ve been following the discussions regarding the Trigpoint award and have a few comments to make. Now I’m all in favour of this new initiative from ‘primarily’ a SOTA Activator perspective and will be focusing on the Activation and the Trig to Trig certificates. However, my ‘modus operandi’ will not change when operating from a SOTA summit with a trig. I will Alert as usual on Sotawatch and place a posting on the WAB Yahoo Users group site. From my experience in the past WAB square chasers will find you as ‘word gets around’ if you are on a sought after square. Maybe a posting on the dedicated WAB user group is not needed as an avid collector/chaser will be keeping an eye on the Sotawatch Alerts and Spots?

As far as I am aware there are no rules regarding the need for going through a ‘net controller’ on a specified WAB frequency and from my experience of being on an ‘extremely cold summit’ I would not want to go down that route unless specifically activating a trig from a ‘non-SOTA summit’. I hope that this initiative succeeds and I initially expect an increase in the number of chasers on some bands when operating SOTA with trig - pile up ?? ‘bring it on’ :wink: Comments and corrections to my train of thought are welcomed.

I had thought of activating from Foel Cwmcwerwyn (with trig) on New Year’s Day but it looks like a complete washout in West Wales according to the weather man - we shall see?

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb - Happy New Year to you all

Allan GW4VPX
WAB Book number 20770

GW4VPX and Rhodri - yesterday - Great Rhos

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Picture from Black Combe 28/12/2014
Thing over my left shoulder looks like a trig pillar, Andys list says its destroyed. Perhaps there was another one. This is the summit shelter on a nice day.
Rob and Audrey

Interesting Rob. There may be some issues with the trig data I found and how the data was merged against the SOTA db.

The SOTA summits have an OSGB NGR such NX123456. The trig data contains 10digit, 6 digit and 4 digit NGR data. Trigs are not always at the summit, they are in the best position for the OS and so a SOTA summit maybe at NX123456 and the trig is at NX124457. So the algorithm use was a trivial scan list of SOTA summits and see if there is a trig with the same grid ref. But I converted the SOTA refs to 4digit ie NX1245 and compared with the trig 4 figure data. That will show if there is a SOTA summit in the same square as a trig. Whether these match the WAB award criteria is for the user to check. Likewise the SOTA summit maybe in NX1245 and trig NX1345 but the distance between them may only be a few metres. So this list is not exhaustive.

Now the trig on Black Combe was built original built in the 1940s as S2953 and that was destroyed in some way and rebuilt as 11602 in 1976. The trig data I have only shows the destroyed trig not its replacement. I found this out since your post. So again the list is not exhaustive. It also means your eyes and memory are working!

I have found why there are no GI summits. We use OSI grid refs such as J 123456 and the trig data I have uses OSGB refs NW678456 so my primitive code fails to match. This leads men to inevitable conclusion I need some better trig data.

The WAB list has Irish grid references, and it is the definitive list we are interested in anyway. It comes as a spreadsheet so easy to import.

Cheer Martyn, blame it on the Christmas Whisky but I didn’t look on the WAB site. Lots of other places but not there. D’Oh! :blush:

I’ll grab it and run it through the code again.

Just noticed this. Mainly SSB as has been said. The big difference on VHF is that I know of no-one collecting WAB on 144MHz who collects on FM. It is almost universally SSB horizontally polarized.
Just a thought.
John G8XTJ

Hope to be off out tomorrow with hopefully 4 trig points. From the WAB reflector I know of a further 4 at least that are planned, subject to weather. These will all be on the net - 7.160 +/- . I won’t have time to do mine off net also, but can’t speak for the other operators.

Thank you for putting up the lists
Tried looking up G/SE-001 on the trig site this morning could not find it.
No doubt did something wrong.

Thanks to your list
Its found .

G/SE-001, Walbury Hill, 297, TP10055, Inkpen, S1510, Destroyed

PS first Sota worked in 2015.


MY BOOK NO 20781

just updated me WAB files :slight_smile:


Thanks Karl and a Happy New Year to you and the family.

Well done on your first Trig for 2015. Bill G4WSB was out early this morning - too early for me as we did celebrate a little last night :smile:

There is some discussion on the WAB Yahoo group net about this trig and the different names.

I hope to hear you tomorrow as I will be out on a SOTA summit with trig :smile:

73 de Allan GW4VPX

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Eventful start to 2015 so far. I fell asleep watching Hootenany and slept through the actual New Year. We’ve had a brief (20min) power cut this morning. It’s raining cats and dogs and really quite windy so no SOTA today. For the last couple of years I’ve tried to get up Craig of Monievreckie which is a lovely wee hill just at the foot of the Highlands. Not this year however. Maybe tomorrow.


I have rerun the merge between the SOTA UK summits and the official Trig point tracker zipfile which can be downloaded from the WAB website. Rather than paste it here I have placed a copy on the database website and you can download it from


For the reasons already stated you may find trigs listed that do not qualify for the award and there may be missing ones too. If you find an error then mail me (mm0fmf AT hotmail.com) and put the word WABTRIG in the title. I’ll update the list with corrections.

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Cycled out to local hilltop. Cold and windy. Set up and called in to WAB net. Was told to “only call in when invited”. Waited for patiently for 20 minutes without being invited. I was rather cold by now having got a bit sweaty cycling up the hill so I packed up and cycled home.

24km 350m ascent.

I don’t understand the criteria for which trigpoints are included and which are not. The WAB site suggests it is the “pillars” that count. Why then is Brown Clee Hill included (used to be a pillar, but not any more)? Why is Dale Brow (on Prestbury Golf Course) not included (this is a pillar in good condition)? Why is Croker Hill not included (used to be a pillar, but destroyed)? Why is Slemish not included (used to be a pillar, but removed)? Why is Corringdon (Nine Barrow Down) included (trig has been removed from the summit and lies dumped 100m or so away)? Why is Manod Mawr included (used to be a pillar, but now removed)?

I am struggling to find a consistent objective criteria for exactly what sort of a trig point makes it into the WAB award, and what situation causes exclusion.

When I last activated Walbury Hill G/SE-001 in 2007, the trig point was in good condition. Has this been destroyed since or is this just an error on the WAB Trig Point award website?

Jimmy M0HGY

I would say the pragmatic course is the one that works. If there is an entry in the zip file for a trig whether the trig is destroyed or missing then it’s a valid site. You can argue maybe that you need to be with 30m of where the trig was built rather than where it may be now. But the number of such summits amounts to some noise on the signal compared to the bulk.

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