WAB Trigpoint Award

Thanks for the blast of data Andy and easy done!

I think there is also an interest about other trig points besides primary…

Now time for a walk in the forest before the temp’ moves from -1C to -5C
Night night

Trig point data from lonewalker’s website: http://lonewalker.net

Better format: England

SummitRef, SOTA Name, Height(m), TrigPointRef, TrigPoint Name, Status

G/CE-001, Cleeve Hill, 330, TP12199, Radio Mast NW, , Destroyed
G/CE-002, Walton Hill, 316, TP0725, Walton Hill, S1533, Good
G/CE-003, Bredon Hill, 299, TP14159, Bredon Hill Tower Centre, , Good
G/CE-004, Bardon Hill, 278, TP1022, Bardon Hill, 2962, Good
G/CE-005, Wendover Woods, 267, TP2394, Coombe Hill, S2042, Good
G/DC-002, Brown Willy, 420, TP1710, Brown Willy, S1772, Good
G/DC-003, Kit Hill, 334, TP8600, Kit Hill Monument, , Good
G/DC-004, Hensbarrow Beacon, 312, TP3737, Hensbarrow, S1736, Slightly damaged
G/DC-005, Christ Cross, 261, TP2167, Christ Cross, S3911, Slightly damaged
G/DC-006, Carnmenellis, 252, TP1993, Carnmenellis, S1731, Good
G/DC-007, Watch Croft, 253, TP1953, Carn Galver, S1721, Good
GD/GD-001, Snaefell, 621, TP6035, Snaefell, S5071, Good
GD/GD-002, Slieau Freoaghane, 488, TP6021, Slieau Freoaghane, 11212, Good
GD/GD-003, South Barrule, 483, TP6063, South Barrule, S5387, Good
GD/GD-004, Bradda Hill, 230, TP8065, Bradda Hill, , Unknown
GD/GD-005, Mull Hill, 169, TP8064, Mull Hill Pillbox, , Good
G/LD-001, Scafell Pike, 978, TP5828, Sca Fell, S1537, Good
G/LD-003, Helvellyn, 950, TP3724, Helvellyn, S5948, Good
G/LD-004, Skiddaw, 931, TP6001, Skiddaw, S1543, Good
G/LD-006, Pillar, 892, TP5447, Pillar, S5988, Slightly damaged
G/LD-007, Fairfield, 873, TP7900, Fairfield, , Possibly missing
G/LD-008, Blencathra - Hallsfell Top, 868, TP7306, Saddleback, , Good
G/LD-011, High Street, 828, TP0693, High Street, S1541, Good
G/LD-013, The Old Man of Coniston, 803, TP2382, Coniston Old Man, S5473, Good
G/LD-015, Grisedale Pike, 791, TP7422, Grisedale Pike, , Good
G/LD-017, Red Screes, 776, TP5619, Red Screes, S5639, Good
G/LD-019, High Raise, 762, TP3803, High Raise, S5989, Good
G/LD-021, Robinson, 737, TP7457, Robinson, , Slightly damaged
G/LD-027, Place Fell, 657, TP5468, Place Fell, S5957, Good
G/LD-028, Harter Fell (Eskdale), 654, TP3653, Harter Fell, S5759, Good
G/LD-029, Illgill Head, 609, TP7456, Illgill Head, , Unknown
G/LD-030, Black Combe, 600, TP10059, Black Combe, 2953, Destroyed
G/LD-032, Whitfell, 573, TP6915, Whitfell, S5472, Good
G/LD-035, Great Mell Fell, 537, TP11538, Great Mell Fell, , Unknown
G/LD-037, Little Mell Fell, 505, TP4447, Little Mell Fell, S6992, Good
G/LD-038, Grayrigg Forest, 494, TP3444, Grayrigg Forest, S5663, Good
G/LD-041, Binsey, 447, TP0690, Binsey, S5707, Good
G/LD-047, Loughrigg Fell, 335, TP4549, Loughrigg Fell, S5470, Good
G/LD-048, Top O’Selside, 335, TP13003, Top o’ Selside, , Unknown
G/LD-050, Gummer’s How, 321, TP3536, Gummers How, S5640, Slightly damaged
G/LD-052, Hutton Roof Crags, 275, TP4090, Hutton Roof Crag, S5400, Good
G/LD-053, Claife Heights, 270, TP3773, High Blind How, S5641, Good
G/LD-055, Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag, 231, TP4983, Muncaster Fell, S5763, Good
G/LD-058, Arnside Knott, 159, TP0889, Arnside Knott, S5406, Good
G/NP-001, Cross Fell, 893, TP0695, Cross Fell, 2979, Slightly damaged
G/NP-003, Burnhope Seat, 747, TP1783, Burnhope Seat, S6366, Slightly damaged
G/NP-004, Whernside, 736, TP0702, Little Whernside, 2982, Slightly damaged
G/NP-005, Ingleborough, 724, TP4102, Ingleborough, S5619, Good
G/NP-006, Great Shunner Fell, 716, TP3468, Great Shunner Fell, S7747, Good
G/NP-007, Wild Boar Fell, 708, TP6943, Wild Boar Fell, 11810, Slightly damaged
G/NP-008, Great Whernside, 704, TP0703, Great Whernside, 2976, Good
G/NP-009, Buckden Pike, 702, TP1744, Buckden Pike, S5520, Slightly damaged
G/NP-010, Pen-y-ghent, 694, TP5414, Pen-Y-Ghent, S5776, Good
G/NP-013, The Calf, 676, TP6361, The Calf, S5676, Good
G/NP-015, Great Knoutberry Hill, 672, TP3461, Great Knoutberry Hill, S8285, Good
G/NP-016, Dodd Fell Hill, 668, TP2795, Dodd Fell, S5735, Slightly damaged
G/NP-018, Nine Standards Rigg, 662, TP5129, Nine Standards Rigg, 10803, Slightly damaged
G/NP-020, Cold Fell, 621, TP2337, Cold Fell Pike, S1538, Slightly damaged
G/NP-022, Calf Top, 610, TP1875, Calf Top, S5670, Good
G/NP-023, Aye Gill Pike, 556, TP0944, Aye Gill Pike, S5665, Good
G/NP-024, Hoove, 554, TP4008, Hoove Faggergill, S4422, Good
G/NP-025, Thorpe Fell Top, 506, TP6463, Thorpe Fell, S5312, Damaged
G/NP-028, Rombald’s Moor, 402, TP0704, Rombalds Moor, 2959, Good
G/NP-029, Sharp Haw, 357, TP5916, Sharpah, S5498, Slightly damaged
G/NP-032, Cracoe Fell, 508, TP8027, Cracoe War Memorial, NONE, Good
G/SB-001, The Cheviot, 815, TP2152, Cheviot, S1560, Slightly damaged
G/SB-002, Hedgehope Hill, 714, TP3711, Hedgehope Hill, S8059, Good
G/SB-005, Sighty Crag, 520, TP7475, Whitelyne Common [old], S1553, Toppled
G/SB-006, Shillhope Law, 501, TP5946, Shillhope Law, S8079, Good
G/SB-007, Tosson Hill, 440, TP6547, Tosson Hill, S1551, Good
G/SB-008, Long Crag, 319, TP4518, Long Crag, S3572, Good
G/SB-009, Ros Hill, 315, TP5741, Ross Castle, S3697, Good
G/SC-001, Dunkery Beacon, 519, TP7321, Dunkery, S1528, Destroyed
G/SC-002, Wills Neck, 386, TP0733, Bagborough, S1526, Good
G/SC-003, Beacon Batch, 325, TP1472, Blagdon, S1516, Good
G/SC-004, Staple Hill, 315, TP6163, Staple Hill, S3970, Good
G/SC-005, Selworthy Beacon, 308, TP0272, Selworthy Beacon, S3944, Good
G/SC-006, Periton Hill, 297, TP5424, Perriton Hill, S3758, Good
G/SC-007, Long Knoll, 288, TP1560, Bradley Knoll, S1514, Good
G/SC-008, Win Green, 277, TP0738, Wingreen, S1503, Good
G/SC-010, Dundry Down, 233, TP2915, Dundry, S3267, Good
G/SC-012, Swyre Head, 208, TP6291, Swyre Head, S2578, Good
G/SC-013, Nine Barrow Down, 199, TP0749, Coringdon, S1505, Moved
G/SE-001, Walbury Hill, 297, TP10055, Inkpen, S1510, Destroyed
G/SE-002, Leith Hill, 295, TP7362, Leith Hill Tower, , Good
G/SE-003, Black Down, 280, TP1443, Blackdown, S1675, Good
G/SE-004, Butser Hill, 270, TP0316, Butser, S1501, Good
G/SE-006, Ditchling Beacon, 248, TP10124, Ditchling, S1520, Remains
G/SE-007, Crowborough, 242, TP2630, Crowborough, S2043, Good
G/SE-008, St Boniface Down, 241, TP12475, South Radar Mast Centre, , Destroyed
G/SE-009, Chanctonbury Ring, 240, TP2110, Chanctonbury Ring, S4060, Good
G/SE-010, Firle Beacon, 217, TP0761, Firle Beacon, S1836, Good
G/SE-011, Wilmington Hill, 214, TP6953, Wilmington Hill, S3986, Good
G/SE-012, Brighstone Down, 214, TP1627, Brighstone Down, S2492, Good
G/SE-013, Detling Hill, 200, TP6473, Thurnham Court Estate, S3490, Good
G/SE-014, Cliffe Hill, 164, TP2227, Cliffe Hill, S3980, Good
G/SE-015, Cheriton Hill, 188, TP0449, Paddlesworth, S2044, Good
G/SP-002, Black Hill, 582, TP3980, Holme Moss, 2958, Good
G/SP-003, Ward’s Stone, 563, TP0700, Mallowdale Pike, 2981, Good
G/SP-004, Shining Tor, 559, TP5950, Shining Tor, S2773, Good
G/SP-005, Pendle Hill, 557, TP5370, Pendle Hill, S2161, Good
G/SP-006, White Hill, 544, TP6883, White Hill, S5002, Good
G/SP-008, Boulsworth Hill - Lad Law, 517, TP1541, Boulsworth, S1540, Slightly damaged
G/SP-010, Winter Hill, 456, TP13275, Winter Hill Wireless Station, , Not Logged
G/SP-011, Freeholds Top, 454, TP4100, Inchfield Moor, S4444, Good
G/SP-013, Gun, 385, TP3538, Gun, S2615, Slightly damaged
G/SP-014, Longridge Fell, 350, TP4535, Longridge Fell, S4561, Good
G/SP-015, The Cloud, 343, TP6366, The Cloud, S2651, Good
G/SP-016, Raw Head, 227, TP5593, Raw Head, S3124, Good
G/SP-017, Billinge Hill, 179, TP1362, Billinge, S3514, Slightly damaged
G/TW-001, Urra Moor - Round Hill, 454, TP0697, Botton Head, 2988, Good
G/TW-005, Normanby Top, 168, TP0753, Acre, 2995, Good
G/WB-002, Brown Clee Hill, 540, TP1701, Brown Clee Hill, S4545, Remains
G/WB-003, Stiperstones, 536, TP6185, Stiperstones, S1523, Good
G/WB-004, Titterstone Clee Hill, 533, TP6498, Titterstone Clee, 2943, Slightly damaged
G/WB-005, Long Mynd - Pole Bank, 516, TP4524, Long Mount, S5201, Slightly damaged
G/WB-007, Heath Mynd, 452, TP3707, Heath Mynd, S5204, Slightly damaged
G/WB-008, Hergest Ridge, 426, TP3742, Hergest Ridge, S8181, Good
G/WB-009, Worcestershire Beacon, 425, TP0724, Malvern, 2974, Good
G/WB-010, The Wrekin, 407, TP8532, Warning Light Hill, , Good
G/WB-013, Garway Hill, 366, TP3331, Garway Hill, S6429, Good
G/WB-019, May Hill, 296, TP4696, May Hill, S5151, Good
G/WB-020, Burton Hill, 294, TP1805, Burton Hill, S8073, Good
G/WB-021, Ruardean Hill, 290, TP5762, Ruardean Hill Resr, S6274, Good
G/WB-022, Seager Hill, 272, TP1768, Bunkers Hill, S6406, Slightly damaged
G/WB-023, Hegdon Hill, 255, TP4566, Lower Hegdon, S7889, Good
G/WB-024, Aconbury Hill, 276, TP0786, Aconbury Camp, S6380, Good


SummitRef, SOTA Name, Height(m), TrigPointRef, TrigPoint Name, Status

GM/CS-001, Ben Lawers, 1214, TP1281, Ben Lawers, S1590, Slightly damaged
GM/CS-003, Beinn a’Ghlo - Carn nan Gabhar, 1129, TP1960, Carn Gower, 2973, Slightly damaged
GM/CS-005, Schiehallion , 1083, TP5842, Schichallion, S9399, Remains
GM/CS-011, Glas Tulaichean, 1051, TP3373, Glas Tulaichean, S9411, Good
GM/CS-017, Meall Ghaordaidh, 1039, TP4723, Meall Chaordie, S6966, Good
GM/CS-019, Carn Gorm, 1029, TP1959, Carn Gorm, S9398, Toppled
GM/CS-023, Beinn Dearg, 1008, TP1178, Beinn Dearg, S9401, Good
GM/CS-028, Sgairneach Mhor, 991, TP5880, Sgairneach Moor, S9378, Good
GM/CS-029, Carn Liath, 975, TP1963, Carn Liath, S9437, Slightly damaged
GM/CS-046, Leathad an Taobhain, 912, TP4390, Leathad An Taobhain, 10770, Slightly damaged
GM/CS-053, Beinn a’Chuallaich, 891, TP1143, Beinn A’ Chuallaich, S9358, Good
GM/CS-056, Carn an Fhreiceadain, 878, TP1934, Carn An Fhreiceadain, S1564, Damaged
GM/CS-059, Meall na h-Aisre, 862, TP4734, Meall Na H-Aisre, 10754, Good
GM/CS-060, Morrone, 859, TP4926, Morrone, 10759, Good
GM/CS-064, Beinn Mholach, 841, TP1200, Beinn Mholach, S9290, Good
GM/CS-065, Ben Vrackie, 841, TP1310, Ben Vrackie, S9444, Good
GM/CS-070, Geal-charn Mor, 824, TP3338, Geal Charn Mor, 10695, Good
GM/CS-071, Beinn Chaorach, 818, TP1173, Beinn Chaorach, 10475, Good
GM/CS-080, Meall Tairneachan, 787, TP2183, Ciochan A’ Chop, S9397, Good
GM/CS-091, Carn Glas-choire, 659, TP1956, Carn Glas Choire, S7211, Good
GM/CS-093, Creag Dhubh, 658, TP2558, Creag Dhubh, 10753, Good
GM/CS-095, Creag Ruadh, 622, TP2570, Creag Ruadh, 10751, Good
GM/CS-096, Carn na h-Easgainn, 618, TP1972, Carn Na H-Easgainn, S7517, Good
GM/CS-097, Carn nan Tri-tighearnan, 615, TP1975, Carn Nan Tri-Tighearnan, S1613, Good
GM/CS-105, Carn na Loine, 549, TP1973, Carn Na Loine, S7521, Good
GM/CS-108, Deuchary Hill, 511, TP2768, Deuchary Hill, S9413, Good
GM/CS-112, Beinn Mhor, 471, TP0931, Auchnahannet, S7415, Good
GM/CS-113, Tom Bailgeann, 464, TP6511, Tom Bailgeann, S7490, Good
GM/CS-115, Knock of Braemoray, 456, TP4278, Knock Of Braemoray, S7519, Good
GM/CS-118, Stac Gorm, 430, TP6138, Stac Gorm, S7516, Good
GM/CS-120, Brown Muir, 339, TP3166, Findlays Seat, 11088, Slightly damaged
GM/CS-121, Hill of the Wangie, 319, TP6724, Wangie Hill, S7419, Good
GM/CS-123, Burgiehill, 254, TP6607, Tulloch Hill, S7197, Good
GM/CS-124, Meall Chomraidh, 466, TP4724, Meall Chomraidh, 10466, Good
GM/ES-001, Ben Macdui, 1309, TP1286, Ben Macdhui, S1579, Good
GM/ES-007, Beinn Bhrotain, 1157, TP1166, Beinn Bhrotain, 10763, Good
GM/ES-008, Lochnagar - Cac Carn Beag, 1155, TP4504, Lochnagar, S8754, Good
GM/ES-012, Glas Maol, 1068, TP3372, Glas Maol, S1565, Good
GM/ES-014, Mount Keen, 939, TP4944, Mount Keen, S7047, Good
GM/ES-015, Culardoch, 900, TP2670, Culardoch, S8729, Damaged
GM/ES-016, Ben Tirran, 896, TP6385, The Goet, S6957, Good
GM/ES-018, Morven, 872, TP4927, Morven, S8741, Slightly damaged
GM/ES-021, Ben Rinnes, 840, TP1293, Ben Rinnes, S7210, Damaged
GM/ES-029, Carn Mor, 804, TP4313, Ladder Hill, S8752, Good
GM/ES-031, Corryhabbie Hill, 781, TP2428, Corryhabbie, S6188, Good
GM/ES-032, Mount Battock, 778, TP0677, Mount Battock, S1584, Good
GM/ES-035, Mount Blair, 744, TP4936, Mount Blair, S7056, Damaged
GM/ES-036, Geallaig Hill, 743, TP3339, Geallaig Hill, S8744, Damaged
GM/ES-037, Badandun Hill, 740, TP0675, Badendun Hill, S6965, Good
GM/ES-038, Creagan a’Chaise, 722, TP2575, Creagan A Chaise, S7513, Good
GM/ES-039, The Buck, 721, TP6525, Top Of Buck, S7077, Good
GM/ES-041, Carn a’Ghille Chearr, 710, TP2604, Cromdale, S7481, Good
GM/ES-045, Hill of Wirren, 678, TP3915, Hill Of Wirren, S7121, Good
GM/ES-047, Pressendye, 619, TP5524, Pressendye, S8710, Good
GM/ES-053, Ben Newe, 565, TP1290, Ben Newe, S8704, Good
GM/ES-054, Tap o’Noth, 563, TP6317, Tap Of Noth, S7136, Good
GM/ES-057, Little Conval, 552, TP4438, Little Conval, S7213, Good
GM/ES-059, Kerloch, 534, TP4171, Kerloch, S5855, Good
GM/ES-062, Lord Arthur’s Hill, 518, TP4542, Lord Arthurs Cairn, S7120, Damaged
GM/ES-063, Hare Cairn, 516, TP3618, Hare Cairn, S6941, Good
GM/ES-065, Benaquhallie, 494, TP1314, Benaquhallie, S5259, Good
GM/ES-068, Craiglich, 476, TP2523, Craiglich, S8693, Good
GM/ES-071, Hill of Foudland, 467, TP3243, Foudland Hill, S6906, Good
GM/ES-072, Cairn William, 448, TP1853, Cairn William, S5393, Good
GM/ES-073, Knock Hill, 430, TP4271, Knock, 11090, Good
GM/ES-074, Ord Ban, 428, TP5236, Ord Ban, 10767, Good
GM/ES-075, Strathfinella Hill, 414, TP6221, Strathfinella Hill, S5802, Good
GM/ES-079, Hill of Tillymorgan, 381, TP3908, Hill Of Tillymorgan, S6901, Good
GM/ES-080, Cairn-mon-earn, 378, TP1851, Cairn Mon Earn, S5860, Good
GM/ES-082, Meikle Balloch Hill, 366, TP4751, Meikle Balloch, S7049, Good
GM/ES-083, Fourman Hill, 344, TP3248, Fourman Hill, S6899, Good
GM/ES-085, Hill of Garvock, 277, TP9563, Tower of Johnston, , Good
GM/ES-086, Brimmond Hill, 266, TP0666, Brimmond, S1585, Good
GM/NS-002, Sgurr nan Clach Geala, 1093, TP5902, Sgurr Nan Clach Geala, S9500, Good
GM/NS-003, Beinn Dearg, 1084, TP7922, Beinn Dearg Cairn, , Good
GM/NS-004, An Teallach - Bidein a’Ghlas Thuill, 1062, TP0858, Anteallach, S3706, Damaged
GM/NS-005, Ben Wyvis, 1046, TP1312, Ben Wyvis, S3464, Good
GM/NS-014, Ben Klibreck - Meall nan Con, 961, TP9323, Ben Klibreck, S5491, Toppled
GM/NS-017, Fionn Bheinn, 933, TP3175, Fionn Bheinn, S9416, Good
GM/NS-019, Seana Bhraigh, 927, TP7674, Seana Bhraigh, , Good
GM/NS-020, Ben Hope, 927, TP1274, Ben Hope, S7061, Slightly damaged
GM/NS-021, Ruadh Stac Mor, 918, TP5761, Ruadh Stac Mor, S9430, Damaged
GM/NS-026, Ben Hee, 873, TP1271, Ben Hee, S7672, Good
GM/NS-029, Cul Mor, 849, TP2669, Cul Mor, NONE, Good
GM/NS-030, Canisp, 846, TP8261, Canisp, , Converted
GM/NS-032, Carn Chuinneag, 838, TP1945, Carn Chuinneag, No FB, Good
GM/NS-034, Breabag, 814, TP7587, Creag Liath, , Destroyed
GM/NS-035, Quinag - Sail Gharbh, 808, TP5561, Quinag, NONE, Good
GM/NS-036, Creag Rainich, 807, TP2568, Creag Rainich, S9432, Good
GM/NS-037, Meallan Liath Coire Mhic Dhughaill, 801, TP4746, Meallan Liath, , Good
GM/NS-039, Beinn Leoid, 792, TP1195, Beinn Leoid, , Good
GM/NS-040, Beinn Airigh Charr, 791, TP1148, Beinn Airidh Charr, S9445, Remains
GM/NS-046, Beinn Spionnaidh, 772, TP1237, Beinn Spionnaidh, S6098, Good
GM/NS-049, Beinn Liath Mhor a’Ghiubhais Li, 766, TP7659, Beinn Liath Mhor, , Good
GM/NS-052, Ben Loyal - An Caisteal, 764, TP1284, Ben Loyal, S7066, Good
GM/NS-057, Ben Mor Coigach, 743, TP8260, Ben More Coigach, , Unknown
GM/NS-058, Meall Mor, 738, TP4730, Meall Mor, NONE, Good
GM/NS-060, Suilven - Caisteal Liath, 731, TP7918, Suilven Cairn, , Good
GM/NS-063, Ben Stack, 721, TP1300, Ben Stack, No FB, Slightly damaged
GM/NS-065, Creag Mhor, 713, TP2561, Creag Mhor, S7278, Good
GM/NS-071, Carn a’Choin Deirg, 701, TP1928, Carn A Choin Deirg, NONE, Good
GM/NS-074, Beinn Tharsuinn, 692, TP1241, Beinn Tharsuinn, No FB, Good
GM/NS-076, Beinn a’Chaisgein Beag, 680, TP1138, Beinn A’ Chaisgein Beag, S9427, Good
GM/NS-079, Carn Salachaidh, 645, TP1939, Carn Bhren, NONE, Good
GM/NS-080, Beinn Ghobhlach, 635, TP8282, Beinn Ghobhlach, , Unknown
GM/NS-083, Scaraben, 626, TP5834, Scaraben, S3466, Slightly damaged
GM/NS-089, Ben Griam Mor, 590, TP7916, Ben Griam More Cairn, , Good
GM/NS-091, Ben Griam Beg, 580, TP1270, Ben Griam Beg, S7070, Damaged
GM/NS-092, Meall an Fhuarain, 578, TP4716, Meall An Fhuirain, S7932, Slightly damaged
GM/NS-095, An Cabar, 558, TP0834, An Cabar, S9494, Slightly damaged
GM/NS-102, Beinn an Eoin, 544, TP1151, Beinn An Eoin, NONE, Good
GM/NS-104, Beinn Stumanadh, 527, TP1238, Beinn Stumanadh, S7079, Good
GM/NS-105, Cnoc Ceislein, 523, TP2276, Cnoc Ceislein, S8373, Good
GM/NS-110, Meall Coire an Lochain, 516, TP8262, Meall Coir an Lochain, , Good
GM/NS-115, Creag Riabhach, 485, TP2569, Creag Riabhach, S6117, Good
GM/NS-117, Carn na Dubh Choille, 479, TP1971, Carn Na Dubh Choille, NONE, Good
GM/NS-118, Beinn Sgeireach, 476, TP1236, Beinn Skerrick, No FB, Good
GM/NS-123, Breac-Bheinn, 464, TP1604, Breac Bheinn, NONE, Good
GM/NS-126, Cnoc an Liath-bhaid Mhoir, 434, TP4408, Liath-Bhaid Mhoir, S7068, Good
GM/NS-132, Ben Hutig, 408, TP0662, Ben Hutig, S5495, Good
GM/NS-133, Creag Thoraraidh, 405, TP2571, Creag Thoraraidh, S6844, Good
GM/NS-136, Creag nam Fiadh, 387, TP2565, Creag Nam Fiadh, S6874, Good
GM/NS-137, Cnoc an t-Sabhail, 380, TP7957, Scotsburn Navigation Pole, , Unknown
GM/NS-139, Sgribhis-bheinn, 371, TP5887, Sgribhis-Bheinn, S8757, Slightly damaged
GM/NS-148, Cnoc an t-Sabhail, 321, TP0665, Cnoc An T- Sabhail, S1815, Good
GM/NS-150, Cnoc Mor, 269, TP2284, Cnoc Mor, S8177, Good
GM/NS-151, Mount Eagle, 256, TP4937, Mount Eagle, S7971, Good
GM/NS-153, Meall an Fheadain, 203, TP4714, Meall An Fheadain, S8153, Good
GM/SI-003, Ben More, 966, TP1288, Ben More (Mull), S6079, Destroyed
GM/SI-006, Goat Fell, 874, TP3393, Goat Fell, S1607, Good
GM/SI-007, Caisteal Abhail, 859, TP7441, Abhail, , Good
GM/SI-009, Askival, 812, TP0911, Askival, S6141, Damaged
GM/SI-012, Clisham, 799, TP2235, Clisham, S5966, Good
GM/SI-013, Beinn an Oir, 785, TP4138, Jura, S3680, Good
GM/SI-015, Glamaig - Sgurr Mhairi, 775, TP3366, Glamaig, S9436, Destroyed
GM/SI-017, Beinn Talaidh, 763, TP1239, Beinn Talaidh, 10483, Good
GM/SI-020, Sgurr na Coinnich, 739, TP5899, Sgurr Na Coinnich, S9795, Slightly damaged
GM/SI-024, Beinn na Caillich, 732, TP1206, Beinn Na Caillich, S6121, Slightly damaged
GM/SI-027, Mullach Buidhe, 721, TP1349, Bharrain, S8730, Damaged
GM/SI-028, The Storr, 719, TP6213, Storr, S6083, Damaged
GM/SI-031, Corra-bheinn, 704, TP2422, Corra Bheinn, 10492, Good
GM/SI-035, Creach Beinn, 698, TP4738, Meall Nan Capull, 10495, Good
GM/SI-036, Tirga Mor, 679, TP6496, Tirga More, 10092, Damaged
GM/SI-039, Beinn Mhor, 620, TP1203, Beinn Mhor, S5971, Good
GM/SI-042, Hecla, 606, TP8168, Hecla, , Good
GM/SI-044, Stulaval, 579, TP6238, Stulaval (Lewis), 10087, Good
GM/SI-047, Mealisval, 574, TP4702, Mealisval, S6142, Toppled
GM/SI-050, Orval, 571, TP5244, Orval (Rhum), S9770, Good
GM/SI-054, Beinn na Seamraig, 561, TP1214, Beinn Na Seamraig, S9803, Good
GM/SI-058, Meall na Suiramach, 543, TP5562, Quirang, NONE, Good
GM/SI-059, Toddun, 528, TP6502, Toddun, 10091, Good
GM/SI-066, Beinn Dhubh, 506, TP1180, Beinn Dhubh, S8989, Good
GM/SI-069, Griomaval, 497, TP3522, Griomaval, 10081, Good
GM/SI-074, Healabhal Bheag, 488, TP3700, Healaval Beg, S6006, Damaged
GM/SI-076, Ward Hill, 481, TP6729, Ward Hill, S4737, Good
GM/SI-078, Gormol, 470, TP8175, Crionaig, , Unknown
GM/SI-080, Beinn Bhreac, 467, TP1164, Beinn Bhreac (Jura), 10506, Good
GM/SI-083, Roineabhal, 460, TP5727, Roneval Harris, S8992, Good
GM/SI-084, Tighvein, 458, TP6482, Tighvein, S8733, Good
GM/SI-086, Ronas Hill, 450, TP5725, Ronas Hill, S5494, Slightly damaged
GM/SI-087, Cruach Scarba, 449, TP2651, Cruach Scarba, 10512, Good
GM/SI-090, Beinn Bhreac, 445, TP6010, Skridan, S9747, Good
GM/SI-091, Speinne Mor, 444, TP6094, Speinne Mor, S9798, Good
GM/SI-092, Dun Caan, 444, TP2888, Dun Caan, S9748, Good
GM/SI-093, Fionn Bhealach, 444, TP4321, Laggan, S8716, Good
GM/SI-095, Roineval, 439, TP5719, Roineval, S9696, Good
GM/SI-096, An Cruachan, 435, TP0838, An Cruachan, S9766, Good
GM/SI-101, Beinn na Drise, 424, TP1209, Beinn Na Drise, S9756, Good
GM/SI-103, The Sneug, 418, TP3244, Foula, S4733, Good
GM/SI-104, Beinn na Greine, 417, TP1210, Beinn Na Greine, S9742, Slightly damaged
GM/SI-109, Druim Fada, 405, TP2843, Druim Fada, 10499, Good
GM/SI-111, Bleaval, 398, TP1495, Bleaval, 10097, Good
GM/SI-113, Mullach na Carn, 396, TP8159, Scalpay, , Unknown
GM/SI-114, An Sgurr, 393, TP0845, An Sgurr (Eigg), 10318, Good
GM/SI-115, Sithean Bhealaich Chumhaing, 392, TP2169, Chumhaing, 10093, Good
GM/SI-116, An Coileach, 389, TP0835, An Coileach, 10095, Good
GM/SI-120, Heaval, 383, TP0668, Heaval, S6042, Good
GM/SI-125, Stulaval, 374, TP6239, Stulaval (South Uist), S8900, Good
GM/SI-129, Chaipaval, 368, TP2101, Chaipaval, S8988, Good
GM/SI-130, Sgarbh Breac, 364, TP5881, Sgarbh Breac, S9077, Good
GM/SI-132, Eaval, 347, TP3016, Eaval, S8996, Good
GM/SI-135, Maol Ban, 338, TP4638, Maol Ban, 10505, Good
GM/SI-137, Ben Tangaval, 333, TP1302, Ben Tangaval, S8832, Good
GM/SI-141, Feirihisval, 327, TP3131, Feirihisval, NONE, Good
GM/SI-143, Mullach Mor, 314, TP3987, Holy Island, S8715, Good
GM/SI-144, Biod an Athair, 313, TP2934, Dunvegan Head, S9357, Slightly damaged
GM/SI-145, Beinn Chreagach, 313, TP1177, Beinn Chreagach, 10524, Good
GM/SI-146, Sron Romul, 308, TP5838, Scarp, 10076, Good
GM/SI-147, Mullach Mor, 304, TP4980, Mullach Mor (Rhum), S9735, Good
GM/SI-151, Sgorach Breac, 299, TP5885, Sgorach Breac, S9719, Good
GM/SI-154, Royl Field, 293, TP5757, Royl Field, 10598, Good
GM/SI-155, Sgurr na h-Iolaire, 292, TP2773, Dhughaill, S9693, Good
GM/SI-157, Saxa Vord, 285, TP5826, Saxavord, S4825, Good
GM/SI-158, Meall a’Mhaoil, 284, TP4711, Meall A Mhaoil, S9695, Good
GM/SI-159, Ben Geary, 284, TP1269, Ben Geary, S9359, Damaged
GM/SI-160, Fitful Head, 283, TP3182, Fitful Head, 10599, Good
GM/SI-162, Roineval, 281, TP5720, Roineval (Lewis), No FB, Toppled
GM/SI-164, Scalla Field, 281, TP5833, Scalla Field, 10596, Good
GM/SI-165, Greabhal, 280, TP7549, Greaval, , Good
GM/SI-169, Carnan, 273, TP1982, Carnan (Isle Of Mingulay), S8887, Good
GM/SI-170, Ben Raah, 267, TP1291, Ben Raah (Taransay Island), 10082, Good
GM/SI-171, Ward of Scousburgh, 263, TP5851, Scousburgh, 10461, Good
GM/SI-173, Beinn Bhragair, 261, TP1261, Ben Bragor, S8155, Good
GM/SI-176, Beinn na h-Iolaire, 254, TP1212, Beinn Na H-Iolaire, S9733, Good
GM/SI-179, Sandness Hill, 249, TP5807, Sandness, S9545, Slightly damaged
GM/SI-180, Carn Ban, 248, TP1936, Carn Ban, S9700, Good
GM/SI-182, Muirneag, 248, TP4972, Muirnag, S5973, Good
GM/SI-186, Marrival, 230, TP4670, Marrival, S6082, Good
GM/SI-188, Ward of Bressay, 226, TP1595, Brassa, S4539, Good
GM/SI-189, Wideford Hill, 225, TP6936, Wideford Hill, 10677, Good
GM/SI-190, Milldoe - Mid Tooin, 224, TP4797, Mid Twr, 10593, Good
GM/SI-193, Ward Hill, 217, TP3094, Fair Isle, S4736, Good
GM/SI-194, Scrae Field, 216, TP5854, Scrae Field, 10462, Good
GM/SI-195, Valla Field, 216, TP6677, Valla Field, 10449, Good
GM/SI-196, Carn a’Ghaill, 210, TP1933, Carn A’Ghaill (Canna), S9738, Good
GM/SI-198, Cairn Galtar, 207, TP1849, Cairn Galtar (Isle Of Sandray), S8856, Good
GM/SI-201, Beinn Mhor, 202, TP1201, Beinn Mhor, S8857, Good
GM/SI-202, Roneval, 201, TP5728, Roneval South Uist, S8822, Good
GM/SI-203, Beinn a’Charnain, 196, TP1139, Beinn A Charnain(Pabbay I), S8993, Good
GM/SI-206, Beinn Bhreac, 191, TP8174, Beinn Bhreac, , Unknown
GM/SI-207, Beinn Mhor, 190, TP1204, Beinn Mhor (North Uist), S8995, Good
GM/SI-208, Heishival Mor, 190, TP3718, Heishival More (Vatersay I), S8889, Good
GM/SI-209, Ben Scrien, 185, TP1295, Ben Scrien (Eriskay I), S8890, Good
GM/SI-210, Noss Head, 181, TP5190, Noss Head, 10534, Good
GM/SI-213, White Grunafirth, 173, TP6879, White Grunafirth, 10578, Good
GM/SI-216, The Hoe, 171, TP6391, The Hoe (Outer Hebrides), S8885, Good
GM/SI-217, Fitty Hill, 169, TP3183, Fitty Hill, S4734, Good
GM/SI-219, Vord Hill, 159, TP0001, Fetlar, S4928, Good
GM/SI-220, Gometra, 155, TP3404, Gometra, 10508, Good
GM/SI-221, Crogary na Hoe, 154, TP2600, Crogary Na Hoe, S8997, Good
GM/SI-222, Muldoanich, 153, TP4974, Muldoanich, S8886, Good
GM/SS-001, Ben More, 1174, TP1287, Ben More, S6958, Good
GM/SS-006, Beinn Ime, 1011, TP1192, Beinn Ime, S8769, Destroyed
GM/SS-008, Ben Vorlich, 985, TP2331, Coire Garbh, S6931, Good
GM/SS-011, Ben Lomond, 974, TP1283, Ben Lomond, S1594, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-012, Beinn Bhuidhe, 948, TP7425, Beinn Bhuidhe, S6149, Remains
GM/SS-013, Ben Vorlich, 943, TP1309, Ben Vorlich, S6510, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-016, Beinn Narnain, 926, TP1224, Beinn Narnain, S5954, Good
GM/SS-022, Creag Uchdag, 879, TP2573, Creag Uchdag, S6473, Good
GM/SS-023, Ben Ledi, 879, TP1282, Ben Ledi, S6956, Damaged
GM/SS-026, Meall an t-Seallaidh, 852, TP4718, Meall An T-Seallaidh, S6962, Good
GM/SS-027, Ben Donich, 847, TP1264, Ben Donich, S8799, Good
GM/SS-028, Merrick, 843, TP4777, Merrick, S1586, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-029, Broad Law, 840, TP1647, Broad Law, S6127, Good
GM/SS-033, Corserine, 814, TP2433, Corserine, S7972, Good
GM/SS-037, Hart Fell, 808, TP3648, Hart Fell, S1556, Good
GM/SS-040, The Brack, 787, TP6358, The Brack, S8764, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-041, Beinn Bheula, 779, TP0678, Beinn Bheula, S1599, Good
GM/SS-042, Shalloch on Minnoch, 775, TP5910, Shalloch On Minnoch, No FB, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-043, Beinn Stacach, 771, TP2333, Coire Seicheach, S6950, Good
GM/SS-049, Culter Fell, 748, TP2681, Culter Fell, S1817, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-052, Dun Rig, 743, TP2927, Dunrig, S1571, Good
GM/SS-053, Beinn Mhor, 741, TP1202, Beinn Mhor, S5476, Good
GM/SS-054, Doune Hill, 734, TP2817, Doune Hill, S8848, Good
GM/SS-055, Stob an Eas, 732, TP6186, Stob An Eas, S8765, Good
GM/SS-056, Green Lowther, 732, TP3484, Green Lowther, S6131, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-058, Ben Venue, 729, TP1307, Ben Venue, S6961, Damaged
GM/SS-059, Ben Cleuch, 721, TP0672, Ben Cleugh, S1605, Good
GM/SS-062, Beinn Chaorach, 713, TP1174, Beinn Chaorach, S5080, Good
GM/SS-064, Tinto, 711, TP6491, Tinto, S8052, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-065, Cairnsmore of Fleet, 711, TP1869, Cairnsmore Of Fleet, S1561, Good
GM/SS-070, Blackcraig Hill, 700, TP1403, Black Craig, S5833, Good
GM/SS-071, Windy Standard, 698, TP6991, Windy Standard East, S6124, Damaged
GM/SS-072, Queensberry, 697, TP7630, Queensberry Cairn, , Good
GM/SS-076, Meall Dearg, 690, TP0671, Meall Dearg, S1589, Good
GM/SS-081, Beinn Bhreac, 681, TP4112, Invergroin, S8823, Good
GM/SS-085, Uamh Bheag, 665, TP6647, Uamh Bheag, S6886, Good
GM/SS-086, Beinn Ruadh, 664, TP1231, Beinn Ruadh, S6475, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-087, Windlestraw Law, 659, TP6965, Windlestraw Law, S9834, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-089, Stob na Boine Druim-fhinn, 658, TP6188, Stob Na Boine, S8771, Good
GM/SS-092, Millfore, 656, TP4834, Millfore, NONE, Good
GM/SS-094, Blackhope Scar, 651, TP1448, Blackhope Scar, 10243, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-098, Mor Bheinn, 640, TP4917, Mor Bheinn, S6471, Good
GM/SS-099, Creag Gharbh, 637, TP2560, Creag Gharbh, S6182, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-105, Meall Reamhar, 620, TP4737, Meall Nan Caoraich, S5467, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-110, Cruach Neuran, 607, TP2650, Cruach Neuran, S6156, Good
GM/SS-114, Greatmoor Hill, 599, TP3474, Greatmoor Hill, S7700, Good
GM/SS-116, Colt Hill, 598, TP2361, Colt Hill, S5985, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-118, Wisp Hill, 595, TP0692, Wisp Hill, S1554, Good
GM/SS-120, Cairn Table, 593, TP0681, Cairn Table, S1562, Good
GM/SS-122, The Wiss, 589, TP6434, The Wiss, 10133, Damaged
GM/SS-125, Scald Law, 579, TP0683, Scald Law, S1573, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-126, Earl’s Seat, 578, TP2957, Earls Seat, S1622, Good
GM/SS-128, Broughton Heights, 571, TP1694, Broughton Heights, S5679, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-129, Meikle Bin, 570, TP4753, Meikle Bin, S3561, Good
GM/SS-130, Criffel, 569, TP0689, Criffell, S1557, Good
GM/SS-133, Minch Moor, 567, TP4843, Minch Moor, S9827, Good
GM/SS-135, Craigenreoch, 565, TP2512, Craigenreoch, No FB, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-137, Stob Odhar, 562, TP6019, Sliabh Gaoil, S1600, Good
GM/SS-138, West Cairn Hill, 562, TP6802, West Cairn Hill, S3084, Damaged
GM/SS-139, Cairnkinna Hill, 554, TP1863, Cairnkinna, S5978, Good
GM/SS-141, Beinn Ghlas, 550, TP1188, Beinn Ghlas, S8815, Good
GM/SS-148, Meikle Says Law, 535, TP0685, Sayers Law, S1663, Good
GM/SS-150, Craiglee, 531, TP2522, Craiglee, S8311, Good
GM/SS-151, Beinn Bhreac, 526, TP0976, Balantyre, S5717, Good
GM/SS-152, Craiglee, 523, TP2521, Craiglee, No FB, Good
GM/SS-154, West Lomond, 522, TP0674, West Lomond, S1615, Good
GM/SS-155, Hill of Stake, 522, TP3902, Hill Of Stake, S1576, Good
GM/SS-156, Nutberry Hill, 522, TP5197, Nutberry Hill, S5462, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-157, Beinn Bhreac, 519, TP2348, Colintraive, S5055, Good
GM/SS-160, Beinn Chapull, 515, TP3170, Fineglen, S6854, Good
GM/SS-161, Larriston Fell, 512, TP4365, Larriston Fells, S7659, Good
GM/SS-163, Stronend, 511, TP6233, Stronend, 10974, Good
GM/SS-164, Kirkland Hill, 511, TP4253, Kirkland Hill, S6091, Good
GM/SS-165, Dungavel Hill, 510, TP2917, Dungavel Hill East, S6126, Toppled
GM/SS-166, Cruach an Lochain, 508, TP2643, Cruach An Lochain, S8800, Good
GM/SS-169, Innerdouny Hill, 497, TP4108, Innerdouny Hill, S6179, Good
GM/SS-170, Cairnsmore (Black Craig of Dee), 493, TP1404, Black Craig, No FB, Good
GM/SS-171, Allermuir Hill, 493, TP0816, Allermuir Hill, S3092, Good
GM/SS-172, Lamington Hill, 492, TP4331, Lamington Hill, S5582, Good
GM/SS-173, Carn Duchara, 491, TP1998, Carra Duagh, S3675, Good
GM/SS-174, Common Hill, 488, TP2370, Common Hill, S6108, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-175, Carleatheran, 485, TP1916, Carleatheran, S3633, Good
GM/SS-177, Wether Law, 479, TP6853, Wether Law, S3134, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-180, Creachan Dubh, 470, TP4186, Kilbridemore, S6155, Good
GM/SS-182, Spartleton, 468, TP6092, Spartleton, S7141, Good
GM/SS-183, Cruach Lusach, 466, TP8058, Cruach Lusach, , Unknown
GM/SS-184, Middlefield Law, 466, TP4809, Middlefield Law, S5475, Good
GM/SS-188, Beinn Dubh Airigh, 459, TP2870, Dubh Airidh, S6157, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-189, Cruach nan Caorach, 458, TP1904, Caorach, S6153, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-190, Lendrick Hill, 456, TP4400, Lendrick Hill, S3671, Good
GM/SS-191, Cairnharrow, 456, TP1862, Cairnharrow, NONE, Good
GM/SS-193, Beinn an Tuirc, 454, TP1154, Beinn An Tuirc, S8531, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-195, Mendick Hill, 451, TP4770, Mendick Hill, S2655, Good
GM/SS-196, Calkin Rig, 451, TP3086, Ewe Hill, S9897, Good
GM/SS-197, Hownam Law, 449, TP4044, Hownam Law, S7376, Good
GM/SS-198, East Lomond, 448, TP2990, East Lomond, S3163, Good
GM/SS-200, Cnoc Moy, 446, TP2286, Cnoc Moy, S1825, Good
GM/SS-201, Beneraird, 439, TP1317, Beneraird, S1808, Good
GM/SS-203, Goseland Hill, 435, TP3419, Goselands Hill, S5581, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-205, Bogrie Hill, 432, TP1519, Bogrie, S7720, Good
GM/SS-206, Beinn na Lice, 428, TP1213, Beinn Na Lice, S8560, Good
GM/SS-208, White Meldon, 427, TP6895, White Meldon, 10235, Good
GM/SS-210, Rubers Law, 424, TP5763, Rubers Law, S7496, Good
GM/SS-211, Sell Moor Hill, 423, TP5870, Sell Moor, S7479, Good
GM/SS-212, Meigle Hill, 423, TP4750, Meigle Hill, S7571, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-213, Cnoc a’Bhaile-shios, 422, TP2585, Crevelees, S8537, Good
GM/SS-214, Eildon Mid Hill, 422, TP3034, Eildon Mid Hill, S7474, Good
GM/SS-215, Beinn Ghlas, 420, TP2545, Crarae, S8739, Good
GM/SS-216, Dumyat, 418, TP2887, Dumyat, S3670, Good
GM/SS-217, Fell Hill, 417, TP6381, The Fell, S7752, Good
GM/SS-218, Cruach Tairbeirt, 415, TP2652, Cruach Tairbeirt, S8831, Good
GM/SS-219, Cademuir Hill, 415, TP8342, Cademuir Hill, , Unknown
GM/SS-222, Duncolm, 401, TP2908, Duncolm Hill, S3666, Good
GM/SS-223, Craig of Monievreckie, 400, TP4772, Menteith Hill, S6760, Good
GM/SS-224, Bennan, 398, TP8947, Turners Monument, , Good
GM/SS-225, Dirrington Great Law, 398, TP2790, Dirrington Great Law, S6699, Toppled
GM/SS-226, Sgreadan Hill, 397, TP5886, Sgreadan Hill, S8567, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-227, Torlum, 393, TP6534, Torlum, S6223, Good
GM/SS-228, Bishop Forest Hill, 392, TP1393, Bishop Forest, S7981, Good
GM/SS-229, Bengairn, 391, TP1318, Bengairn, S8424, Good
GM/SS-231, Deadh Choimhead, 383, TP2745, Deadh Choimhead, 10501, Good
GM/SS-234, Dumglow, 379, TP2884, Dumglow, S3678, Good
GM/SS-235, King’s Seat, 377, TP4225, Kings Seat, S1619, Good
GM/SS-236, Corse Hill, 376, TP2430, Corse Hill, S1604, Good
GM/SS-238, Bengray, 366, TP1319, Bengray, S8465, Good
GM/SS-241, Wauk Hill, 357, TP6776, Wauk Hill, S7738, Good
GM/SS-242, Benarty Hill, 356, TP1315, Benarty Hill, S3140, Good
GM/SS-243, Beinn Ghuilean, 354, TP1189, Beinn Ghuilean, S8568, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-246, Ailsa Craig, 338, TP0795, Ailsa Craig, S6177, Good
GM/SS-247, Cruach nam Fearna, 332, TP2648, Cruach Nam Fearna, S9715, Good
GM/SS-248, Beinn Bhan, 319, TP4198, Kilmartin, S6853, Good
GM/SS-249, Grange Fell, 319, TP7913, Grange Fell Post, , Damaged
GM/SS-250, Mochrum Fell, 317, TP4850, Mochrum, S7977, Good
GM/SS-252, Cnoc nam Broighleag, 314, TP4201, Kilmichael, S8760, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-253, Black Hill, 314, TP0684, Black Hill (NT72), S7402, Good
GM/SS-254, Cairnpapple Hill, 312, TP0991, Ballencrieff Hill, S3241, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-255, Tom an t-Saighdeir, 303, TP5787, Saighdeir, S5721, Good
GM/SS-256, Grey Hill, 297, TP3509, Grey Hill, No FB, Good
GM/SS-259, Largo Law, 290, TP4364, Largo Law, S3152, Good
GM/SS-260, Brown Carrick Hill, 287, TP1700, Brown Carrick, S1583, Good
GM/SS-262, Norman’s Law, 285, TP5143, Normans Law, S4793, Good
GM/SS-263, Linton Hill, 282, TP4430, Linton Hill, S7435, Good
GM/SS-265, Windy Hill, 278, TP6989, Windy Hill, S8526, Good
GM/SS-266, Cnoc Reamhar, 265, TP2292, Cnoc Reamhar, 10379, Good
GM/SS-267, Knockdolian, 265, TP4283, Knockdolian, NONE, Good
GM/SS-268, Dun Leacainn, 360, TP2894, Dun Leacainn, S5711, Good
GM/SS-271, Turin Hill, 252, TP6617, Turin Hill, S4480, Good
GM/SS-272, Arthur’s Seat, 251, TP10189, Rosehall Church Spire South, , Good
GM/SS-273, Hightown Hill, 250, TP3840, Hightown Hill, S7705, Good
GM/SS-274, See Morris Hill, 240, TP5865, See Morris Hill, S7978, Good
GM/SS-276, Moncreiffe Hill, 223, TP4881, Moncreiffe Hill, S5924, Good
GM/SS-277, Mount Hill, 221, TP4941, Mount Hill, S4774, Slightly damaged
GM/SS-278, Beinn Mhor, 194, TP2868, Duachy, S9705, Good
GM/SS-279, Carn Breugach, 189, TP1942, Carn Breugach, 10478, Good
GM/SS-280, North Berwick Law, 187, TP5149, North Berwick Law, S3063, Good
GM/SS-281, Cairn Pat, 182, TP1852, Cairn Pat, S1816, Good
GM/SS-286, Lamberton Hill, 217, TP1888, Camp Field, S7226, Good
GM/WS-001, Ben Nevis, 1344, TP1289, Ben Nevis, S1595, Good
GM/WS-004, Carn Eige, 1183, TP1949, Carn Eige, S3465, Good
GM/WS-008, Sgurr na Lapaich, 1150, TP5901, Sgurr Na Lapaich, NONE, Good
GM/WS-009, Ben Alder, 1148, TP1258, Ben Alder, S1566, Damaged
GM/WS-013, Ben Cruachan, 1126, TP1263, Ben Cruachan, 10750, Damaged
GM/WS-016, Sgurr nan Conbhairean, 1110, TP8283, Sgurr nan Conbhairean, , Unknown
GM/WS-024, Sgurr a’Choire Ghlais, 1083, TP5891, Sgurr A Choire Ghlais, No FB, Good
GM/WS-025, Ben Starav, 1078, TP1301, Ben Starav, 10468, Remains
GM/WS-026, An Socach, 1069, TP0847, An Socach, S9762, Good
GM/WS-029, Toll Creagach, 1054, TP6505, Toll Creagach, NONE, Slightly damaged
GM/WS-030, Sgurr a’Chaorachain, 1053, TP5890, Sgurr A, S9446, Damaged
GM/WS-031, Geal Charn, 1049, TP4979, Mullach Iubhair, 10755, Good
GM/WS-036, Gleouraich, 1035, TP3389, Gleouraich, S9799, Destroyed
GM/WS-039, Beinn Fhada, 1032, TP1260, Ben Attow, 11808, Good
GM/WS-042, Beinn a’Bheithir - Sgorr Dhearg, 1024, TP7328, Sgorr Dhearg, 10470, Remains
GM/WS-043, Liathach - Mullach an Rathain, 1023, TP4407, Liathach, S9293, Destroyed
GM/WS-046, Ladhar Bheinn, 1020, TP4316, Ladhar Bheinn, S9806, Damaged
GM/WS-048, Garbh Chioch Mhor, 1013, TP8527, Sgurr na Ciche, S6148, Remains
GM/WS-051, The Saddle, 1010, TP6426, The Saddle, S9777, Good
GM/WS-063, Beinn Eighe - Spidean Coire nan Clach, 993, TP1185, Beinn Eighe, S9418, Damaged
GM/WS-073, Beinn Sgritheall, 974, TP1298, Ben Sgriol, S9781, Good
GM/WS-074, Aonach Eagach - Sgor nam Fiannaidh, 967, TP5884, Sgor Nam Fiannaidh, 10469, Damaged
GM/WS-078, Beinn Fhionnlaidh, 959, TP1187, Beinn Fhionnlaidh, 10473, Good
GM/WS-080, Sgurr nan Coireachan, 956, TP5903, Sgurr Nan Coireachan, S9782, Good
GM/WS-098, Beinn Alligin - Tom na Gruagaich, 922, TP1149, Beinn Alligin, S9431, Good
GM/WS-109, Fuar Tholl, 907, TP3271, Fuar Tholl, S2742, Good
GM/WS-117, Beinn Bhan, 896, TP1156, Beinn Bhan, S6118, Good
GM/WS-121, Sgurr Dhomhnuill, 888, TP5894, Sgurr Dhomhnuill, S9802, Slightly damaged
GM/WS-128, Rois-Bheinn, 882, TP5721, Rois-Bheinn, S9780, Damaged
GM/WS-131, Sgurr a’Mhuilinn, 879, TP7327, Sgurr a’Mhuilinn, S9495, Damaged
GM/WS-132, Sguman Coinntich, 879, TP5888, Sguman Coinntich, S9764, Damaged
GM/WS-144, Beinn a’Bha’ach Ard, 862, TP1135, Beinn A, S6206, Good
GM/WS-146, Beinn a’Chrulaiste, 857, TP1142, Beinn A Chrulaiste, 10467, Good
GM/WS-148, Beinn Bhuidhe, 855, TP1168, Beinn Bhuidhe, S9791, Damaged
GM/WS-149, Beinn an Eoin, 855, TP1152, Beinn An Eoin, S9507, Remains
GM/WS-150, Creach Bheinn, 853, TP2548, Creach Bheinn, S6143, Remains
GM/WS-151, Bac an Eich, 849, TP0948, Bac An Eich, S9497, Good
GM/WS-153, Beinn Resipol, 845, TP1292, Ben Resipol, S9769, Toppled
GM/WS-154, Sgurr an Airgid, 841, TP5892, Sgurr An Airgid, S9761, Damaged
GM/WS-165, Creach Bheinn, 810, TP2903, Dunaneach, 10479, Good
GM/WS-168, Geal Charn, 804, TP0782, Achnasaul Geal Charn, S9709, Good
GM/WS-171, Beinn Dronaig, 797, TP1181, Beinn Dronaig, S9741, Good
GM/WS-173, Mam na Gualainn, 796, TP4621, Mam Na Gualainn, 10471, Good
GM/WS-175, Beinn Bhan, 796, TP1155, Beinn Bhan, S9706, Good
GM/WS-179, Druim nan Cnamh, 790, TP2849, Druim Nan Cnamh, S9807, Good
GM/WS-190, Stob Coire a’Chearcaill, 771, TP6187, Stob Coire A’ Chearcaill, S9723, Good
GM/WS-201, Stob na Cruaiche, 739, TP6189, Stob Na Cruaiche, 10536, Good
GM/WS-203, Beinn Mheadhoin, 739, TP1199, Beinn Mheadhoin, 10502, Good
GM/WS-218, Meith Bheinn, 710, TP4760, Meith Bheinn, S9788, Damaged
GM/WS-225, Meall Fuar-mhonaidh, 696, TP7924, Mealfuarvonie Cairn, , Possibly missing
GM/WS-230, Meall a’Chrathaich, 679, TP4709, Meall A Chrathaich, NONE, Good
GM/WS-233, Carn Breac, 678, TP1940, Carn Breac, S9911, Good
GM/WS-237, Carn na Coinnich, 673, TP1970, Carn Na Coinnich, S8136, Good
GM/WS-248, Meall Blair, 656, TP4721, Meall Blair, S9704, Good
GM/WS-250, Glas-bheinn Mhor, 651, TP3371, Glas Bheinn Mhor, S8176, Good
GM/WS-256, Beinn na Sroine, 636, TP1215, Beinn Na Sroine, S9908, Slightly damaged
GM/WS-257, Glas Bheinn, 636, TP3369, Glas Bhealach, S9717, Good
GM/WS-259, Beinn a’Chlachain, 626, TP1141, Beinn A Chlachain, S9801, Good
GM/WS-263, Beinn na Gucaig, 616, TP1211, Beinn Na Gucaig, S9726, Good
GM/WS-267, Beinn a’Chuirn, 603, TP1144, Beinn A’ Chuirn, S9760, Slightly damaged
GM/WS-268, Sidhean Mor, 601, TP5991, Sithean Mor, S9774, Good
GM/WS-271, Cruban Beag, 590, TP2656, Cruban Beag, 10757, Good
GM/WS-274, Beinn nam Beathrach, 582, TP1216, Beinn Nam Beathrach, 10526, Good
GM/WS-275, Sgurr Marcasaidh, 580, TP5895, Sgurr Marcasaidh, NONE, Good
GM/WS-282, Beinn Duirinnis, 555, TP8112, Beinn Duirinnis, , Toppled
GM/WS-288, Carn a’Ghobhair, 548, TP1931, Carn A’ Ghobhair, S9808, Damaged
GM/WS-294, Ben Hiant, 528, TP1272, Ben Hiant, 10493, Good
GM/WS-296, Meall Luidh Mor, 514, TP4729, Meall Luidh Mor, 10758, Good
GM/WS-298, An Sleaghach, 513, TP0846, An Sleaghach, 10527, Good
GM/WS-306, Meall nan Each, 490, TP4739, Meall Nan Each, S9784, Good
GM/WS-312, Beinn Sgluich, 466, TP1234, Beinn Sgluich, 10477, Good
GM/WS-314, Meall na h-Eilrig, 465, TP4735, Meall Na H’Eilrig, S7726, Good
GM/WS-319, Auchtertyre Hill, 452, TP0932, Auchtertyre Hill, S9755, Good
GM/WS-323, Meall nan Con, 437, TP0669, Meall nan Con, S5916, Good
GM/WS-329, Bad a’Chreamha, 395, TP0954, Bad A’ Chreamha, S9778, Good
GM/WS-334, Na Maoilean, 350, TP5056, Na Maoilean, S9828, Good
GM/WS-336, Beinn Lora, 308, TP1197, Beinn Lora, 10488, Good
GM/WS-337, An Cuaidh, 296, TP0002, An Cuaidh, S6119, Good
GM/WS-339, Druim na h-Earba, 288, TP2850, Druimarbin, S9716, Good
GM/WS-340, Beinn a’Bhaillidh, 265, TP3037, Eilean Shona, S9759, Good
GM/WS-341, Ardsheal Hill, 263, TP0880, Ardsheal, 10515, Good
GM/WS-344, Cruim Leacainn, 232, TP2662, Cruim Leacainn, S9692, Good
GM/WS-346, Airds Hill, 181, TP0799, Airds Hill, S9785, Good


SummitRef, SOTA Name, Height(m), TrigPointRef, TrigPoint Name, Status

GW/MW-001, Plynlimon-Pen Pumlumon Fawr, 752, TP5480, Plynlimon, S1578, Damaged
GW/MW-002, Great Rhos, 660, TP5567, Radnor Forest, S1536, Good
GW/MW-003, Drygarn Fawr, 645, TP2866, Drygarn, S1563, Slightly damaged
GW/MW-004, Pen y Garn, 610, TP1735, Bryn Garw, S5593, Good
GW/MW-006, Pegwn Mawr, 586, TP5341, Pegwn Mawr, 10344, Good
GW/MW-009, Beacon Hill, 547, TP1133, Beguildy Beacon, S5209, Good
GW/MW-010, Gwaunceste Hill, 542, TP3545, Gwaun-Ceste Hill, S5648, Good
GW/MW-011, Foel Cwmcerwyn, 536, TP5522, Prescelly, S1574, Good
GW/MW-012, Carnedd Wen, 523, TP1989, Carnedd Wen, S8512, Good
GW/MW-013, Corndon Hill, 513, TP2416, Corndon Beacon, S5203, Good
GW/MW-015, Bryn Amlwg, 488, TP6561, Trannon, 10343, Good
GW/MW-016, Pen y Garn-goch, 487, TP5412, Pen-Y-Garn Goch, S6399, Good
GW/MW-017, Garreg-hir, 485, TP3309, Gareg Hir, S9904, Good
GW/MW-018, Bryn y Fan, 482, TP6678, Van Hill, 10337, Good
GW/MW-021, Crugiau Merched, 462, TP2659, Crugiau Ladies, S5696, Good
GW/MW-022, Aberedw Hill, 451, TP0769, Aberedw Hill, S6535, Good
GW/MW-025, The Begwns, 415, TP6353, The Begwns, S5529, Good
GW/MW-026, Long Mountain-Beacon Ring, 408, TP1112, Beacon Ring, S4718, Good
GW/MW-028, Frenni Fawr, 395, TP3262, Freni Fawr, S5900, Good
GW/MW-029, Hafod Ithel, 361, TP3561, Hafod Ithel, S5443, Good
GW/MW-030, Stingwern Hill, 358, TP6184, Stingwern Hill, 10350, Good
GW/MW-034, Mynydd Cynros, 329, TP5012, Mynydd Cynros, S5530, Good
GW/MW-036, Pen-crug-melyn, 326, TP4334, Lan, S2100, Good
GW/MW-037, Brandy Hill, 205, TP1587, Brandy Hill, S2352, Good
GW/NW-001, Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa, 1085, TP6043, Snowdon Summit, 10684, Good
GW/NW-005, Elidir Fawr, 923, TP8096, Elidir Fawr, , Possibly missing
GW/NW-007, Aran Fawddwy, 905, TP0865, Aran Fawddwy, S1608, Slightly damaged
GW/NW-009, Cadair Idris - Penygadair, 893, TP1839, Cader Idris, S1603, Slightly damaged
GW/NW-010, Moel Siabod, 872, TP1988, Carnedd Moel Siabod, S7317, Slightly damaged
GW/NW-011, Arenig Fawr, 854, TP0883, Arenig, S1614, Slightly damaged
GW/NW-012, Cadair Berwyn, 830, TP1837, Cader Berwyn, S1545, Slightly damaged
GW/NW-013, Pen Llithrig y Wrach, 799, TP8102, Pen-Llithrig-y-Wrach, , Possibly missing
GW/NW-014, Moel Hebog, 782, TP4858, Moel Hebog, S8510, Slightly damaged
GW/NW-016, Moelwyn Mawr, 770, TP4867, Moel Wyn, S8450, Good
GW/NW-019, Yr Aran, 747, TP7369, Yr Aran, , Good
GW/NW-021, Rhobell Fawr, 734, TP5653, Rhobell Fawr, 11940, Slightly damaged
GW/NW-023, Rhinog Fawr, 720, TP5647, Rhinog Fawr, NONE, Good
GW/NW-026, Mynydd Mawr, 698, TP8093, Mynydd Mawr, , Possibly missing
GW/NW-027, Arenig Fach, 689, TP1985, Carnedd Bachgen, S8547, Good
GW/NW-032, Carnedd y Filiast, 669, TP1990, Carnedd Y Filiast, S8519, Slightly damaged
GW/NW-033, Tarren y Gesail, 667, TP6320, Taren Gesail, S8454, Damaged
GW/NW-035, Manod Mawr, 661, TP7311, Manod Mawr, No FB, Remains
GW/NW-037, Y Garn, 629, TP7514, Y Garn, , Good
GW/NW-038, Moel Ysgyfarnogod, 623, TP4870, Moel Ysgyfarnogod, S8455, Slightly damaged
GW/NW-039, Foel Goch, 611, TP3215, Foel Goch, S8550, Good
GW/NW-040, Tal y Fan, 610, TP6307, Tal-Y-Fan, S7319, Damaged
GW/NW-041, Moelfre, 589, TP8097, Moelfre, , Possibly missing
GW/NW-044, Moel Famau, 554, TP0005, Moel Fammau, 2961, Good
GW/NW-046, Rhialgwm, 540, TP5644, Rhial Gwm, 10339, Good
GW/NW-047, Mwdwl-eithin, 532, TP5059, Nant Heilyn, S8553, Good
GW/NW-049, Gyrn Moelfre, 523, TP3532, Gryn Moelfre, S3128, Good
GW/NW-052, Mynydd Cwmcelli, 469, TP2494, Craig Goch, S8459, Good
GW/NW-053, Moel Gyw, 467, TP4857, Moel Gyw, S3103, Good
GW/NW-057, Foel Cae’rberllan, 380, TP8100, Foel Caer-Berllan, , Possibly missing
GW/NW-058, Carn Fadryn, 371, TP1951, Carn Fadryn, S8325, Good
GW/NW-059, Allt y Main, 356, TP0824, Allt-Y-Main, S4747, Slightly damaged
GW/NW-061, Y Golfa, 341, TP7091, Y Golfa, S9900, Good
GW/NW-062, Hope Mountain, 330, TP4011, Hope Mountain, S3106, Good
GW/NW-063, Ffridd Cocyn, 313, TP8518, Foel Wyllt, , Possibly missing
GW/NW-064, Mynydd Rhiw, 304, TP10045, Rhiw, S1623, Destroyed
GW/NW-066, Garn Boduan, 279, TP8092, Garn Bodvean, , Good
GW/NW-067, Moel-y-gest, 262, TP4875, Moel-Y-Gest, S8380, Good
GW/NW-069, Holyhead Mountain, 220, TP3989, Holyhead, S1633, Good
GW/NW-070, Great Orme, 207, TP0174, Great Ormes Head, S1627, Good
GW/NW-071, Mynydd Bodafon, 178, TP5002, Mynydd Bodafon, S7324, Good
GW/NW-073, Mynydd Rhyd Ddu, 389, TP5037, Mynydd Rhyd-Ddu, S8556, Good
GW/NW-075, Yr Eifl, 564, TP6421, The Rivals, S1620, Good
GW/SW-001, Pen y Fan, 886, TP1610, Brecon Beacons, S2483, Destroyed
GW/SW-003, Fan Brycheiniog, 802, TP6568, Trecastle, 2975, Slightly damaged
GW/SW-004, Waun Rydd, 769, TP2501, Craig Pwllfa, S2205, Remains
GW/SW-006, Fan Gyhirych, 725, TP3106, Fan Gihirych, S2147, Damaged
GW/SW-007, Fan Nedd, 663, TP3108, Fan Nedd, S2146, Good
GW/SW-008, Cefn yr Ystrad, 617, TP2698, Cwar-Yr-Ystrad, S2220, Good
GW/SW-009, Mynydd Troed, 609, TP5040, Mynydd Troed, S1781, Good
GW/SW-010, Craig y Llyn, 600, TP2534, Craig-Y-Llyn, S2045, Good
GW/SW-011, Sugar Loaf, 596, TP6243, Sugar Loaf, S2117, Good
GW/SW-014, Mynydd Carn-y-cefn, 550, TP5006, Mynydd Carn-Y-Cefn, 11722, Damaged
GW/SW-015, Mynydd Llangorse, 515, TP5020, Mynydd Llangorse, S2513, Good
GW/SW-016, Ysgyryd Fawr, 486, TP6007, Skirrid Fawr, S7287, Good
GW/SW-017, Hirfynydd, 481, TP3951, Hirfynydd, S2037, Good
GW/SW-019, Mynydd Twyn-glas, 472, TP0735, Mynydd Maen, 2978, Good
GW/SW-020, Graig Syfyrddin, 423, TP3430, Graig Serrerthin, S6428, Good
GW/SW-021, Mynydd Marchywel, 418, TP5025, Mynydd March Hywel, S2048, Good
GW/SW-022, Trichrug, 415, TP6585, Trichrug, S2268, Good
GW/SW-025, Cefn Eglwysilan, 382, TP5015, Mynydd Eglwysilan, S2290, Good
GW/SW-027, Mynydd y Glyn, 381, TP5050, Mynydd-Y-Glyn, 11827, Good
GW/SW-029, Foel Fynyddau, 370, TP3213, Foel Fynyddau, S4073, Good
GW/SW-030, Mynydd Machen, 362, TP4597, Machen Hill, S2322, Good
GW/SW-031, Mynydd Uchaf, 358, TP7697, Mynydd Uchaf, , Good
GW/SW-033, Wentwood, 309, TP6796, Wentwood, S3324, Good
GW/SW-034, Garth Hill, 307, TP3324, Garth, S2280, Slightly damaged
GW/SW-036, Mynydd Sylen, 284, TP5038, Mynydd Sylen, S1996, Good
GW/SW-038, Mynydd Drumau, 272, TP5014, Mynydd Drumau, S2059, Good
GW/SW-039, Mynydd Llangyndeyrn, 262, TP5021, Mynydd Llangyndeyrn, S1997, Good
GW/SW-040, Mynydd Dinas, 258, TP5013, Mynydd Dinas, S2057, Good

Thanks for that blast of data Andy!

I think people may be interested in trigs other than primary.

Please don’t delete this post again as there is nothing wrong with it. People would have seen it before it was deleted so…


And then we have all the trig points that might not be in a SOTA AZ, but that would likely be passed en route to/from a summit.

I nominate:

Hay Bluff (en route to GW/SW-041)

The award details for this specify “pillars”. So would Brown Clee Hill qualify? Used to be a pillar, but is now just the metal plate embedded in a flagstone on a nearby footpath.

A little trig that I am is/was listed by trigpointinguk is near North Rode, Cheshire, but doesn’t appear in the reference lists for this. Maybe Jimmy knows more?

Hello Tom,

“… but that would likely be passed en route to/from a summit.”

Spot on Tom. My local SOTA summits have a necklace of trig points between them, so why not briefly stop along the way to SOTA summits and make more people happy !

Now -4C looking forward ? to a local walk with Bertie the greyhound - no forest now.


I seem to have lost GI in the brute force mashing of the trig data and SOTA data. I also have shut the window so can’t remember where I found the trig data so I can’t credit the source, which is annoying. You should never take someone’s data and use it without an acknowledgement. So that is two things to fix.

I haven’t deleted anything of yours Mike.


Suggested remedy: Trip to Specsavers?

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Discourse sequence/data suggests otherwise Andy.

XYL has taken Bertie so I am off the hook :wink:

I am never without specs when on the computers here!

Night night.

Eg: Why does not this post follow your data blast…


Thanks for the blast of data Andy and easy done!

I think there is also an interest about other trig points besides primary…

Now time for a walk in the forest before the temp’ moves from -1C to -5C

Night night


[snip snip snip]

Nope, in order on the screen here.

Suggested remedy: more tonic in the gin.

I think I will have a G&T now. But I think you are ahead of me!

The Discourse log keeps track of many aspects of this reflector including the deletion of any posts. The last record of a post being deleted was in the early hours UTC of the 27th December and there are no records of any posts being deleted since that time.

But there are two hidden posts which may be where the confusion occurs.

Trig point on route GM/ES-033 at NJ336316 Scaut Hill - nice ridge walk in winter (until they put the wind farm on there when the hill will be ruined in my humble opinion)

How strange Jim then that my post which went ----- then came back when Andy posted his PNG shot.
I suppose keys to the castle syndrome.
Even now if you look at the sequence I posted immediately after the trig data blast.
Oh well…
Must go… tea time.

Your post was there all along. Andy removed the data from his first post and re-posted. This has clearly confused you. Paranoid Android Syndrome?

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Yes there are but as far as I can see, the fact that there are hidden posts which resulted from Andy being unhappy with his original format, can only be seen by the Admin team, so for everyone else that is not seen. I think Richard has hit the nail on the head. Since Mike’s post came after Andy’s first posts which have now disappeared, in the flow, it now appears BEFORE Andy’s post. Net if Mike looked for his post AFTER Andy’s long lists, he wouldn’t find it and would think it had been deleted, but it was still there BEFORE Andy’s visible post.

Just to be absolutely clear when a post is deleted it normally shows as a withdrawn post for 24 hours after which the system deletes it and displays that in the log. Obviously the Admin team can completely delete a post but it will still show in the log. As far as I can see nothing can be deleted without trace.

It is interesting to see the large number of damaged or removed points.

One thing is for sure; you would either need a few sticks of dynamite, or a large sledge hammer to destroy one - no mediocre hammer at that !

GW/NW-035, Manod Mawr has just the base remaining, with a strange metal “pip” in the center of the concrete base. I don’t really understand why landowners destroy them, unless its pure vandalism by others !

I note with some GM summits the trig points have been heavily “attacked”, some even lifted out of the ground.


Several years ago the ordnance survey with the advent of GPS technology and some other things, significantly reduced the number of Trig points that they need to maintain. For more details see http://trigpointing.uk/info/types.php
Of my local summits I am only aware of SB-008 being included in their maintained network. They are fairly obvious when you see them with the shiny metal plate identifying them as part of the current network.

Isn`t this called the “Buckfast Effect”?