WAB/SOTA sought after summits

As you may, or not, be aware WAB (Worked all Britain) are celebrating their 40th Anniversary.
As part of this there is a Ruby Award
(see http://www.worked-all-britain.co.uk/ ).
One aspect of this is to work squares with 40 as the end of their 4 figure NG reference.

Hence the following summits will be much prized in 2009.

G/LD-026 NY40
G/LD-039 NY40
G/SC-009 ST40
G/SE-010 TQ40
GM/CS-072 NH40
GM/ES-047 NJ40
GM/SS-058 NN40
GM/SS-106 NT40
GM/SS-114 NT40 (edited not 144)
GM/SS-186 NS40
GM/SS-259 NO40
GI/SM-018 C40

If you intend to activate any of the above please, if possible, call in on the WAB net 3.760+/-
Or let WAB members(eg G4JZF, G0RQL, M0JDK plus many more) , who are also SOTA activator/chasers, know of your intentions.

Roger G4OWG

In reply to G4OWG:

That will, presumably, be the reason I was asked for my WAB area today whilst activating Ditchling Beacon. For years I kept a handy list in my rucksack covering the SE/SC summits, but it was never needed. When I heard that WAB was changing the way areas were to be counted, by removing the county/UA bit, I threw the list away as redundant. Typical!

I’ll try to remember to ensure that I have 80m capability, and a microphone, when I visit SE-010 later in the year.

73 de Les, G3VQO

In reply to G4OWG:

GM/SS-144 NT40

Now Deuchar Law is a nice stroll and just down the road. I’ve done it before in awful clag so I wouldn’t mind doing it again just so I can see what I missed last time! The forecast isn’t bad for Sunday. I think this may well be my alternate for this weekend if I don’t go North. I’d rather do something unique though and I’m thinking of another possibly unactived SS hill further North. But I wont know till Saturday evening when I get the snow reports back from friends going up Loch Tay way.

If I do SS-144 I’ll definitely go onto 80m. Those with a WAB interest should watch the Alerts page. But as I said, I wont know for sure till Saturday evening.

There’s 4 other SS uniques for me on that list aswell. SS-106, Cauldcleuch Head, makes a great double with SS-114, Greatmoor Hill. The only problem is there a hell of drive from here being almost back in England!


In reply to G4OWG:
Have I missed something? The summit of GM/SS-144 Deuchar Law is given as being at NT285297 i.e. WAB area NT22. This is a bit away from NT40. Which is right?
73 de Ken GM0AXY

In reply to GM0AXY:
Your right Ken.
Transcription error should be GM/SS-114.
Will edit list.
As an aside the WAB column in James’s spreadsheet is wrong for NI.
To correct put =TRIM(LEFT(E21,2)& MID(E21,5,1)) in cell G21 and replicate down the whole column. You need to unprotect the sheet first.

Roger G4OWG

In reply to GM0AXY:

It should be SS-114, Greatmoor Hill Ken. Obvious really as it’s only about 3km from Cauldcleuch Head. Which means Deuchar Law is now more unlikely for this weekend.


In reply to G4OWG:
Roger (and Andy)

GM/SS-144 is at grid reference NT285297 as far as I can see so it does not qualify for WAB Ruby.

Barry GM4TOE

Oops - see Ken has already pointed this out
Shows we are all on the ball though!!

In reply to GM4TOE:

In reply to G4OWG:
Roger (and Andy)

GM/SS-144 is at grid reference NT285297 as far as I can see so it does
not qualify for WAB Ruby.

The Ruby award requires points to be accrued. 10 for basic award, 40 for Trophy.
All SOTA summits qualify using the 4 figure NG reference.
The difference is you need 40 ordinary squares for 1 point (20 on VHF) but each of the squares/summits above (ending 40) are worth 1 point each.
I reckon that Basic at least, and possibly higher levels, is achievable just using SOTA summits chased in 2009.
And you could have the certificate endorsed ‘SOTA only’.
How’s that for a personal challenge?

Roger G4OWG

In july when we are in Lake District, we will be staying in Ambleside, very close to Baystone( Ld-39 )in NY40.

I am seriously considering doing this one for both WAB and SOTA.


In reply to G4OWG.

Hi Roger,
Many thanks for putting the info out on the reflector about the WAB Ruby Award for 2009 only, our 40th year.
One point you have missed Roger is that there are so many WAB indivdual book holders required (worked/heard), ie 40 on HF for 1 point & 20 on VHF for 1 point,which have to make up some of the 40pts to obtain the Ruby Award. Incidently this will be in the form of a Ruby Crystal.

Also ignore the comment made by a certain individual on the other reflector.

73 Graham G4JZF

In reply to G4JZF:
No problems Graham.
I did say Basic and only possibly higher awards. I can’t envisage anyone getting the trophy solely on SOTA contacts.
I’ve been ignoring that chatacter since about 1984 :wink:

Roger G4OWG

In reply to G4OWG:
To all that may be interested.

One thing, which has not been mentioned, is that the activator can also claim the Ruby Award and other WAB awards.
With the bonus for working GB1WAB 1 point on HF and 2 points on VHF, some activators already have this call in the log.
The GB1WAB call was granted special permission to be active for the 12 months of 2009, as part of the WAB 40 year celebrations and anyone wishing the call in the log only has to ask myself G0TRB and it can be used.

Roger G0TRB / GB1WAB.