Hi to all,
Does the NGR coordonate on the summit page the same that the LR on streetmap convert ?
So can I take the letter and the 1st and 4th number of the NGR to have the WAB Square of a summit ?
Thanks for helping and if someone have yet done the WAB for the Summit and he want to give it I’ll be very happy :wink: !!!
Merry XMas



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As Tom said, Yes. Most UK activators have the WAB info with them so just ask and you will receive.

I always wonder why we don’t get more WAB chasers calling us on the summits.

Merry Xmas

73 Neil 2M0NCM

There are some summits with activation areas lying on WAB square boundaries, so the WAB square may not match the given summit co-ordinates, depending on where within the activation area the activator has set up…

73, Rick M0LEP

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Ok Rick, So have you identify these summits ? Or where can I show that ?
I don’t still find a map with these WAB Square has anyone some links ?
Thanks to Tom and Neil too, and Neil you’ve got me now hiii…But some OM contacted don’t know their home’s WAB square !
Have a good time.
Best wishes

I don’t have a list. Best bet is to check the OS maps, but good clues would be summits with references close to the edges of grids, so look for values like 99, 00 and 01 in the less significant parts of the grid references. If you spot something close to a line, check the OS map.

Cheers, Rick M0LEP

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What is W A B ?

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WAB members use the net freq of 7.160 mainly so call in on that freq and you will get enough to fill your logbook rightaway.

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OK Mark and in CW… on 80m hiii ?? :slight_smile:
Well I will try thanks for answer…
And Ok Rick I will look at and if there some possible mistake between 2 WAB I’ll let it down… And try to have it in a next expedition !
Thanks for all

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A lot of WAB chasers do - and quite often these are the same as the SOTA chasers - they’re not a different breed of radio ham! Many of the keen SOTA chasers are also WAB members.

WAB collecting is a bit different to SOTA collecting, whereas SOTA tends to be a “one off” activation, a mobile station running for a whole day could activate 50 or so WAB squares. This necessitates using a well controlled net so as not to delay the mobile station.

The WAB net is usually very busy and stations on there may simply not get the chance to leave the net to work a SOTA summit, they could well lose their place in the list if they did!

WAB does try to “spot” SOTA stations on its own reflector Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos and I think it fair to say that I’ve picked up quite a few nice squares via this medium and hopefully it’s helped out the activators as well.

I hope you all have a Happy Christmas and New Year, safe activations and here’s to many more in 2014 to our mutual benefit.

73, Dave, G4IAR
WAB Awards Manager

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Hi Dave,

All understood but I am always surprised how little I get asked for the WAB square. Only 3 or 4 times by one GM chaser and once I think by a G chaser. I have had more European and US chasers ask for the square. I thought that the chance of getting a square that mobiles couldn’t reach would be
a good move.
I know many chasers play both games but as Rick says we could be in a different square from the summit data. I always have the info with me on every activation in the hope some WAB chaser asks for it.

73 Neil 2M0NCM

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I have always thought much the same Neil. If I was a WABer I would keep an eye on SOTAwatch for some juicy squares!

73 Richard

We did a rare one in the summer without realising it. The summit of Bradda Hill GD/GD-004 just edges into SC17 which is mainly sea! And to think that one of our team that day was Edward 2E0NSR, whose grandad Roy G1NUS is a former WAB membership secretary!


You have to bear in mind that there are over 3,000 WAB squares, most of which are readily accessible by vehicle. There are not that many truly portable squares. Therefore you’ll tend to find, (but not solely) that it’s mainly the “long in the tooth” WAB collector that will winkle out these areas for the really high classes of the awards.

Incidentally, I activated SC17 - and all of the IOM squares in 2006 - but have to admit I took the easy coastal path into it!


Dave, G4IAR

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Tof, the next time you are in the UK pop into a good stationers such as WH Smiths and get a ringbound atlas of Britain published by Philips called Navigator Britain ISBN 978-1-84907-142-0 or order online
That was the best 20 quid I ever spent, it is the best map book for WAB, the whole UK is mapped in the Ordnance survey grid. It saves you spending heaps on individual maps.

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Ok Mick,
I’ll looking for this…
Thanks and HNY